Understanding QuickStart Tennis: Benefits, Equipment, and More

If you want your child to join the 71.8% of American children who play sports, you're in luck: there are a lot of options. Because of the fact that there are a plethora of games that your child can play, though, things can become stressful for you. You may wonder how you're going to make the decision of a sport that will benefit your child mentally and physically. You also may be anxious as to whether or not they'll like the sport you select for them.

To make your child happy and healthy, Quickstart tennis is one of the best options for a sport that they can play. Over 1,300,000 kids play tennis, so you know that you'll be inserting them into a situation where they can make a lot of friends as well as hone their competitive skills. Not only that, but tennis is a lot of fun and has scientifically proven health benefits for frequent players.

Read on to learn all about Quickstart tennis and why enrolling your child in it is the best decision you can make for them!

What Is Quickstart Tennis?

Quickstart tennis is a simple but effective concept that exists to get children interested in and engaged with tennis at an early age. It uses child-sized courts and equipment to make it easier for young kids to run around and play. Equipment is smaller and easier to use than that for adult tennis, too. Racquets are specially made for small hands and balls are large, colorful, and slow-moving.

This method of playing tennis is made to have immediate benefits. Kids will learn quickly with Quickstart methods and begin having a good time on the court right away. This will ensure that they're excited to come back and hit the ball around next week. It will also keep them open to trying new things, following newly learned game rules, and listening to instructors.

What Equipment Do You Need?

The specific benefits of Quickstart lie in the equipment used for it. This equipment is specifically made for children so that they can get the most out of their tennis experience.

Quickstart balls are made especially for children. They're made in a two-color style that makes it easier for children to practice spin techniques. They're also larger and a bit heavier than regular tennis balls, meaning that they move more slowly through the air and are easier to hit.

We have three distinct types of Quickstart tennis balls- one that moves 75% slower than a regular ball, one that moves half as slowly, and one that moves 25% more slowly. These options mean that you can switch out balls to create a greater challenge for your child as his or her skills improve.

You're also going to want to buy a portable tennis system including nets and posts. This will allow your child to play on-the-go and satisfy their love of the game wherever they may be.

There are also teaching aids that children can use for solo practice at home or with friends from their club. Rebounder nets are a great way to practice hitting the ball in a way that returns it to you immediately. Unlike hitting against a wall, these nets are soft and will create momentum to bring the ball directly back to the center of your child's racquet.

What Age Levels Are There?

There are two major age levels of Quickstart tennis.

The first group is for children under 8 years old. In this group, the court is 36' long by 18' wide. This makes it small enough for children to run across quickly so that they don't get overtired and frustrated. It also has 36" net posts, which means that they'll have an easy time hitting the ball over the net. Because this age group is so broad, children will play with those of both similar and different ages to themselves and be able to form mentor-mentee relationships with one another, strengthening both bonds and leadership skills.

The second group is for children aged 9 and 10 years. The court they play on is a bit bigger- 36' long by 18' wide. This ensures that the children will be challenged to do their best and have fun, but not so difficult that they become frustrated and annoyed. With 36" net posts, they'll have the opportunity to better their skills and move forward in their tennis journey quickly and effectively.

What Are Its Benefits?

Tennis is a sport that has a lot of health benefits in adults, so one can only imagine how intensely a child who began playing at a young age will reap these benefits!

Tennis is, first and foremost, excellent aerobic exercise. This means that it builds a healthy heart and lowers the risk of heart disease later in life. Tennis is great at getting the blood pumping during exercise. After cool-down, your child will be happier and more relaxed. This ultimately lowers their resting heart rate and blood pressure, making them healthier people all-around.

It also builds muscle and bone density to keep children strong, fit, and lean. Not only that, but playing tennis keeps children's metabolism up, lowering the risk of obesity and (in the future) obesity-related illnesses like diabetes.

Mentally, tennis is a great way to improve coordination and combat against mental health issues like depression. Studies show that when people are more active, they're happier and healthier overall. Not only that, but children will be less lonely and isolated because of the friends they play tennis with, improving social skills and allowing them to form deep connections with others their own age.

Get Playing!

While convincing your child to play a new sport can be a challenge, showing them how fun and exciting Quickstart tennis is will get them excited to hit a ball around in no time at all.

Now that you know why you should enroll your child in Quickstart tennis, it's time to contact us with any further questions you may have. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to discuss any concerns with you regarding the sport, the equipment you may need, or the low fees associated with enrolling in a children's tennis program.

Have fun watching your little one have fun on the court!