How To Choose The Right Tennis Court Windscreen For Your Facility

Tennis court windscreens are peripheral shields that almost outline a tennis court. They are

most often made of fabric and protect the playing area. Not only do they make the playing area functionally better equipped but aesthetically too.

They help deflect strong or even mild wind pressure, dark coloured screens help deflect harsh sunlight and are helpful to the players. They provide privacy and by providing a uniform background colour, they make the ball clearly visible to the player. 

Therefore, ensuring a smooth game. They cut out surrounding distractions if the court is situated in the midst of a city or busy area.

Steps to Choose your Tennis Court Windscreens:

  • Open mesh windscreen or closed mesh windscreen:

Closed mesh windscreens are extremely dense(implying they have a denser weave) and have an opacity of 90-95% whereas open mesh windscreens have an opacity of 70-75%. 

Closed mesh windscreen provides privacy but may be difficult to maintain as because of their heavy weave, they might be heavier for your fence and may cause damage in the long run.

  • Custom cut windscreen or cut-to-size rolled windscreen:

The next step in the process of choosing your windscreen is whether to have custom cut or cut-to-size windscreen. Custom cut windscreens are of the exact dimension as your tennis court and as the name suggests, are custom made according to your requirements.

Cut-to-size windscreens come in 2 sizes, they are 6 feet or 9 feet. They can be just rolled

out and cut at the required length as the name suggests. They provide uniformity of product and are more economical.

  • Material of Windscreen:

After the type of windscreen, you need to decipher the material of it, depending on your requirement and the surroundings of your facility. Vinyl coated, heavy-duty polyester type of windscreens are used to deflect strong sun and humidity. 

This is the most expensive but the best quality of tennis windscreen.

Polypropylene is another type of windscreen material, it is cheaper than vinyl coated and is usually used in cities and

municipalities. This material is mainly used to stop high-speed wind. You just need to figure out the percentage of shade factor that you need. It ranges between 70, 73 and 95%.

  • Color of The Tennis Windscreen:

Aesthetics are as important as functionality. Also, most buyers of the custom cut shields demand other customisations like the color of the windscreen, getting their team/city/country logo printed or painted. This may lead to a variation in the color of the tennis court windscreen.

However, the most popular two colours of tennis court windscreens are dark green and black.

The most popularly used colour is dark green, however, black has also become very popular in the last few years.

  • Height Of Tennis Court Windscreen:

Height of the Tennis Windscreen is an important factor when you choose one for your home or facility. This factor depends on the location of your facility. 

If your facility is close to a swimming pool or sea, it needs to have higher windscreens to protect the court from high-pressure winds. If your tennis facility is in the city and has dense population around, you can do with the lesser height of windscreen.

How to Maintain a Tennis Court Windscreen

: Maintaining your tennis court windscreen is very important. Following a yearly or season wise regime to maintain your tennis court windscreen will help make them last longer. ·

Use a hose with mild pressure, in the downward direction to clean your windscreen. Be gentle on the fabric to avoid any damage(most importantly if you’ve invested in a good quality tennis windscreen). 

Let the windscreen dry up naturally before storing it inside for a long time. Make sure you roll your windscreen instead of folding it. Folding causes creases and will surely cause fabric damage. Be careful with your windscreen fabric. 

For winter months, carefully roll and store your windscreens in a safe and dry place. Make sure the rolled fabric is covered with a cover to ensure the longevity of the fabric. 

Make a note of the exact placement of your windscreen on the tennis court. This enables easier reinstallation after a few months.

If you are using a ladder to install the windscreen, you need to use it carefully on the court. Carefully lift the ladder up and take it to the other end of the court to install the other windscreen. If you are not careful you will definitely end up scratching the surface of the court.


If you are a sports player or an enthusiast and have chosen Tennis, it is important to understand all do’s and don'ts of using and keeping Tennis Court Windscreens. They are

delicate and need care. 

Installing any sports equipment at your home will require you to understand the functioning and usage of the same. Make sure you do in-depth research before making a considerable investment. You also have the option of entirely customising your tennis court windscreen, most people make customisations for their teams. 

This is usually done for international, national or state-level tournaments. Also, for more formal setups. But ensure that the product technicalities of the windscreen are kept in mind for your custom requirement. 

We understand that these are overwhelming details, however, the right and careful decision taken in the beginning will go a long way and enable you to use the same Tennis Court Windscreens for a long time. Stay healthy and play tennis using the best equipment!