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The new OnCourt OffCourt TenniScore is the scorekeeper you’ve been waiting for. Its design is simple yet indestructible. Plus, it’s highly visual and easy to use.

  • EASY TO HANG - Hangs on fence, bench, or side of net near net post.
  • RUSTPROOF - 100% rustproof.
  • SIMPLE – no moving parts, no parts to lose or break.
  • DURABLE - Will outlast ALL other scorekeepers. Virtually indestructible.
  • TENNIS BALLS – Keep score with any “old” tennis balls.
  • VISUAL – Large numbers allow for easy score tracking by on-lookers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE – Stack several and carry to league matches.
  • DIMENSIONS - 37” by 10”.
Please note that TenniScore comes with hardware to hang on any surface. There are two plates to hang the board and protective plastic coverings for the plates. There are also four zip ties and two S-hooks to help hang. 

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