Things to Consider While Buying Tennis Shoes

With so many different types of tennis shoes on offer, it is imperative that you pick the perfect pair. In a game like tennis, where players constantly put stress on their joints and feet, having the right pair of shoes can go a long way towards reducing injuries. Here are some factors you need to consider while buying tennis shoes.


Modern day tennis shoes usually have two types off cushioning – EVA and polyurethane. While EVA provides a more lightweight finish, it is less stable when compared to polyurethane. The cushioning ensures that the feet remain well protected and absorbs the shock experienced during running.


The best tennis shoes are those that are extremely comfortable to wear. Look for shoes with extra tongue padding so that laces do no bite into the upper portion of your feet. Wearing new shoes also usually leads to blisters on the court. Use the new pair at your home for a few days to smoothen out the rough edges.

Lateral Support

Tennis players are often required to change directions at an explosive pace while playing. To be able to do that effectively, the shoes must offer excellent lateral support to players during volleys. Tennis shoes these days comes with enhanced lacing systems to provide adequate lateral movement. This makes the feet steady while the player is running and also minimizes the possibility of injuries.

Court Surface

When you buy tennis shoes, you also need to account for the surface on which you will be using them. Hard court surfaces require shoes with an extra layer of padding to keep the soles of your feet protected. Baseline players need to look for shoes that gives them the best lateral support. You can also put an extra sole support in the shoes to further improve stability. For instance, if you are right handed, you can add an extra sole around the toe region in the shoe for the right leg.