Playing a few games of tennis under the searing sun with no shade in sight can be difficult for tennis players. Running after the balls, baseline rallies and long points can put a strain on the players’ body and fighting spirit. Add a very competitive match and extreme temperatures; you have a perfect recipe for a match that can wear down one’s body fast.

Because of the nature of the game, it is always important that tennis players are provided with all the right supplies and support that can help them enjoy the game and remain competitive throughout the match. Here are some items you can add in the tennis courts that can provide the players with a shade to relax and get a grip of their strategies in between games.

Tennis umbrella-Umbrellas are great things to bring when watching tennis matches. The stadium instantly turns into a sea of umbrellas during matches as soon as rain starts to fall. Now these umbrellas are also considered basic necessities for tennis players. Tennis umbrellas are usually bigger than your average umbrellas, and these can provide protection when the rain starts to pour or when the heat is too much. Players can even bring their umbrellas to court so they can still practice some passing shots and slice. Tennis umbrellas work, but they can only offer limited protection against the heat and rain.

Fence cabanas with vinyl covers-If you don’t want someone to hold the umbrella for the tennis players, then a fence cabana can do the work. These cabanas can be attached directly to the fence and comes with vinyl covers that can help protect players during changeovers. Once installed, you can simply add a bench to complete the setting.

Free-standing cabana with bench-The cabana with bench can be added near the court, thus providing players with easy access to a shade. This type of cover will come complete with a bench and vinyl cover available in different colors.

Players’ shades and covers are critical inside the playing court. These can provide your players a place to rest and plan their strategies in between games so they can return to court recharged for the next set.