Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine
Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

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Combines state-of-the-art portability with the performance you expect from Wilson.
The first measure of a portable machine is its actual portability. The Wilson Portable Ball Machine is lighter (38 lbs. including battery) and more compact (22"L X 14"W X 20"H) than any ball machine with similar features.  Plus, it includes a built-in handle and towing wheels to enhance portability.

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  • Trajectory Control: Variable from ground-stroke to lob so you can practice all the shots, including overheads.
  • Speed Control: Adjustable from 10 MPH to 75 MPH. The slowest speed are useful for younger players. The highest speeds are equivalent to profession-level passing shots.
  • Interval Control: Sets the time between ball throw form on ball every 1-1/2 seconds for rapid volleys, to one ball every ten seconds.
  • Spin Control: Adjustable for flat shots, or for varying degrees of topspin or backspin.
  • Built-in Oscillator: Delivers balls either in one position, or randomly across the court so you can practice hitting on the run.
  • Battery Life: Three to four hours per charge. Enough for a serious workout. And if you do need more battery life the is an optional External Battery Pack.
  • All-In-One Control Panel: All functions are controlled by a single electronic control panel. In addition to the control functions it includes a batter charge indicator, and an automatic time delay so you can walk to you playing position after start-up.
  • Warranty: The Wilson Portable Ball Machine is backed by a three-year warranty covering both parts and labor.
Available Options:
  • Smart/Fast Charger: Will charge the battery up to 3 times faster than the smart charger that the machine comes with.
  • AC Power Option: Converts the battery operated machine to AC power only.
  • External AC Power Supply: Plugs into an AC outlet to provide continuous operation for battery-powered machines.  Come sin a nylon carrying case.
  • External Battery Pack w/Smart/Fast Charger: Provides an additional 4-6 hours of battery power for machine. A nylon carrying case houses the battery and built-in Smart/Fast Battery Charger.

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