REALlistic Dual-Curved Backboard   8' X 8'
REALlistic Dual-Curved Backboard 8' X 8'

REALlistic Dual-Curved Backboard 8' X 8'

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REAListic Dual Curved Tennis Backboard   8' X 8' 
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REAListic Backboards Dual-Curved Series
This unique dual-curved and tilted tennis backboard rebounds balls with extraordinary realism unlike the typical non-tilted backboard where balls bounce downward at an unrealistic angle.  
Curved and beveled framing is crafted from handpicked Douglas Fir.
  • Hitting surfaces are high-quality weatherproof overlay, meticulously primed and painted.
  • Includes touch-up paint plus hardware (a combination of U-bolts and/or chains) to install against the vertical posts of a tennis court fence.
  • Includes Deluxe Sound Reduction Kit, made from special insulation. Expect noise reduction of 35%.
  • Optional 3-foot Containment Net. Ready to be installed. High quality. 
  • These are the only backboards with an arc enabling players to serve and volley all by themselves.
  • The 8' x 12' units can be installed on a driveway, using only 1/10th the space of a full-sized tennis court.
  • In an hour of backboard practice you can hit 1,800 balls. Compare that to 650 an hour on a ball machine or 150 during an average hour of match play. 
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