Quick-Mark Boundary Markers Set - Orange

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Quick-Mark Boundary Markers Set - Orange
Quickly create boundaries for games or drills with this Quick-Mark Boundary Markers Set. Whether you're setting up an impromptu court or field, marking starting points or creating activity stations, this set of boundary markers makes it easy for anyone to make non-permanent boundaries in the gym without using floor tape. The markers stay firmly in place thanks to the non-skid poly vinyl material and can be easily picked up and removed once they're done being used.

  • Poly vinyl material can withstand being trampled by athletes' shoes
  • Non-skid design keeps the markers in place on the floor without using adhesive
  • Eliminates the need for floor tape when creating boundaries or starting points for a variety of sports and activities
  • Non-permanent markers can be easily picked up and removed when not in use, leaving no sticky residue behind
  • Set includes twenty 12.5 in. long x 2 in. wide line markers and four 12 in. corner markers
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