Precision Tennis System
Precision Tennis System

Precision Tennis System

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A Bold Vision- Complete with Dell 2 in 1 Tablet!
The new Precision Tennis System was designed by a former aerospace engineer and tennis enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in software engineering.  He envisioned a "Patrice Partner" device that could "execute any shot at any time" where the only limitation is your imagination.  It should be easily programmable in a suitable environment and easily controlled in an operational environment.  From this vision, the Precision Tennis System was created.

The PTS Difference
The PTS is a programmable, high precision delivery system that can deliver any shot to any position accurately.  It is the next generation digital system using modern Graphical User Interfaces, wireless technology, and sophisticate software systems to enhance usability.  With the software controlled systems, usability has be enhanced by enabling the user to create any type practice situation and save it in a comfortable environment, synchronize it with the PTS, and on court control operations wirelessly with tablet type remote control.  The PTS also provides usability features of LED lights and sounds to provide remote user awareness of machine operations.  The User Software is composed of two components, The Practice Design Builder and the PTS Remote Control.

The Practice Design Builder

  • PDB offers off-court development
  • Wireless synchronization
  • It is database driven
  • You can create and edit every Practice Design
  • You can create and edit every Stroke Sequence
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface
  • Set of predefined Practice Designs - Including USTA NTPR 2.5 to 4.5 Rated Practice Designs!
  • Practice Design can have Multiple sets of stroke sequences
  • You specify the PD descriptions
  • You specify the number of repetitions
  • You specify the start and delay times

Court Architecture
The court is divided into 12 Columns and 6 Rows, making 3' by 6' rectangles.  The PTS can shoot a ball into any rectangle on any programmed operation.  Each rectangle has and editable default shot setting.

Each column alternates even numbers for topspin and odd numbers for backspin with optional default sections for No Spin, Top Spin Lob, Lob & Moonball.  Each of the selected default shots can be edited and tailored to your desire!

The Stroke Sequence Builder

  • Builds a permanent database record of selected stroke sequences
  • Each rectangle gives editable default stroke definition for Feed, Spin,
  • Speed, Elevation, Sweep or Random Sweep
  • No artificial stroke definition limits!
  • All default strokes are editable!
  • You Specify the number of repetitions
  • You specify the delay between repetitions

PTS Manual Operations
You can control the Feed, Spin, Speed, Elevation and Sweep

  1. Select the ball count for exercise
  2. select the delay before starting the exercise
  3. Use of the Mirror repeats stroke (Two Line)
The Random functions for continuous random practice session are tailored to fit the user's practice requirements.

The Random functions are:
Wide: Random balls across the total court.
Narrow: Random across the middle half of the court
Deuce: Random across the deuce court
Ad: Random across the Ad court
Custom: User defined Random area to individually tailored practice environment

PTS Automatic Operations
Lists downloaded Practice designs frm the PTS
Know the status of the design from the PTS
Start delay selection
Stop, Pause and Restart buttons
Delta speed and Elevation Adjustment

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