PickleMaster RTU Court Paint
PickleMaster RTU Court Paint

PickleMaster RTU Court Paint

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PickleMaster RTU  

Please Note: On orders of 1 - 2 Pails, there is up to a one week lead time.  On larger orders needing to be shipped LTL Freight, there is up to a six to eight week lead time.   Please, call for a freight quote, 877-504-5657 Ext 1.

PickleMaster RTU is a specialized coating system designed for use on pickleball court surfaces. The coating is factory-mixed with a fine rounded aggregate blend to provide non-slip texture without excessive wear on the balls.

Pickleball Court Painting / Surfacing
Can also be used in combination with other court and recreational surfacing
Pickleball courts on playground and recreational areas (asphalt or concrete)

Pickleball court surface must be cleaned entirely of dirt, debris and all loose materials. Repair of pavement surface defects, puddles and cracks must be completed prior to application. TCS Acrylic Crack Filler, TCS Patch Binder, or any of our 100% acrylic crack fillers can be used to repair cracks in the pickleball court before coating.  All repairs must be flush and smooth to adjoining surfaces.

New asphalt surfaces must cure 14 to 28 days prior to application. It is recommended that any uncoated asphalt surface receive one or more coats of Acrylic Resurfacer to fill surface voids and maximize the coverage of the pickleball court paint.  Existing pickleball court surfaces should also receive one coat of  TCS Court Resurfacerw/Sand to hide surface repairs and provide the ideal texture to receive the PickleMaster RTU pickleball court paint coatings.

New concrete surfaces must cure 28 days prior to application. Concrete surfaces should have a medium broom finish or similar roughened texture. They must never be steel troweled. Etch surface with Muriatic or Phosphoric Acid and apply TCS Concrete Primer/Bonder 
 prior to TCS Acrylic Resurfacer w/Sand and PickleMaster RTU pickleball court paint.  

PickleMaster RTU is a ready-to-use formula.  There may be some settling, so it is recommended to mix the materials thoroughly before application.  A drill and paddle/paint mixer we be required, since the materials contain specialty aggregates for surface texture.

Measure playing lines marking with a white colored pencil and snap chalk lines with WHITE chalk. Colored chalk (red, blue) may bleed through the line paint.  Tape lines with a Line Tape Machine for best results, using good quality masking tape. 

Apply one coat of  TCS Line Primer, with a roller or brush.  Allow to dry completely before applying TCS Textured White Line Paint.
Apply one coat of TCS Textured White Line Paint with a roller or brush.  Remove masking tape when line paint is dry to the touch, around 30 minutes. 

Weight 5- gal, 60lbs

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