NLS 1-Court LED Pickleball Lighting System
NLS 1-Court LED Pickleball Lighting System

NLS 1-Court LED Pickleball Lighting System

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NLS 1-Court LED Pickleball Lighting System 

Set includes:
2- VUE-34X- 648 Watt LED Lights
2- SAT-4-0 Arm Brackets
2- RSSP 20-4R 20' Poles
2- Anchor Bolt sets 3/4" x 30" Galvanized w/Double Nuts and Washers

VUE-34X @ 648 Watts achieves United States Tennis Association “Level II” 75-Foot Candle Average with less than 1.75 Maximum to Minimum Uniformity in the extended Primary Playing Area with eight fixtures spaced thirty feet apart. Designed specifically for court lighting, the VUE-34X can replace 1000 watt metal halide traditional court fixtures at 45% less energy and provide 3-4 times the existing light levels evenly across the court using the same existing fixture arms and poles.
VUE-34X has a 30% or greater photometric light level advantage
compared to competitors at the same wattage across the court.

The VUE-34X fixture creates one of the most environmentally sensitive courts in the nation. VUE-34X recesses & conceals its light source 3 inches above the bottom plane of the fixture eliminating neighborhood & dark sky glare.
Player Disability Glare is significantly reduced as well, enabling players to compete at their highest level. VUE-34X is endorsed by Dr. David Crawford, Founder of the International Dark Sky Association.

The VUE fixture is one of Americas most prolific court fixture, having been installed in over 300 of the most prestigious tennis/pickleball multi-courts around the nation.

VUE-34X is Made in America. The VUE-34X is Die Cast, 3G Vibration Rated, IP66 Rated against Dust and water, L70 Depreciation Rated at more than 130,000 hours, IK08 impact resistant, Low Iron Safety Glass Lens, 20kA Surge Protection Standard, and Powder Coated.
VUE-34X does not use Plastic Acrylic or Polycarbonate Lenses, which will yellow and cause rapid LED depreciation. Driver compartment & LEDs separate so heat from one does not depreciate the life and output of the other.

Cost Competitive, Supply Chain Friendly, and short Shipping Lead Times in Days & Weeks.

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