Line Rite 1- gal
Line Rite 1- gal

Line Rite 1- gal

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Line Rite 

Clear acrylic coating for use in sealing tape prior to the subsequent application of lines for recreational or light traffic areas.
Asphalt and color-coated or concrete surfaces.  For use on athletic courts or other areas to be marked with line paint. 

Apply with brush or roller
• 30 minutes to one hour – 1 coat


Approximately 150-200 square feet per gallon.  
(One gallon generally required for one doubles tennis court, 481 linear feet – 2” wide).

  • Apply only when ambient temperature is 50°F and rising or less than 140°F
  • Do not apply when rain or high humidity is imminent.
  • Keep from freezing.  Do not store in hot sun.
  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
  • Allow asphalt to cure at least 14 days.


Line Rite should be applied over tape, prior to the painting of lines.  

Lay out masking tape, painters’ tape or similar, along either side of the line to be painted. Apply Line Rite product, using a brush or roller.  On bare asphalt or other rougher surfaces, a second coat of Line Rite may be necessary to ensure that the tape is completely sealed down.

After 30 minutes, Line Paint, either colored or white, should be applied by roller or brush over the same area.  Some Line Rite will bleed under the tape, but it will dry clear. The Line Rite should seal the tape edge, preventing subsequent Line Paint from bleeding under the tape, resulting in a crisp, clean line.

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