Lathe Leno Open Mesh Windscreen Gate Panel

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Polypropylene Lathe Leno Open Mesh Windscreen Gate Panel

10- 12  business day lead time.

This windscreen gate panel, with a higher tear strength than similar closed polypropylene materials, Lathe Leno is a stylish and economical application for both commercial and athletic facilities.  With its unique leno weave you get the required shading for privacy, while doing away with the extra cost of sewn vents.
  • 9' high
  • 4.9 ounce open polypropylene
  • Structure: 29 x 14
  • Elongation: 24% / 20%
  • 85% shade and wind factor
  • Porosity: 25%
  • Three-ply reinforced hems and built-in brass grommets every 12 inches
  • 4 year limited warranty
  • Optional bound window vents every 10' at additional charge
  • Custom sizes available
  • Available in Forest Green and Black
  • Putterman's windscreen products are used at the US Open™

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