Lathe Leno 6' High Open Mesh Windscreen
Lathe Leno 6' High Open Mesh Windscreen

Lathe Leno 6' High Open Mesh Windscreen

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Polypropylene Lathe Leno 6' High Open Mesh Windscreen
Sold by the Lineal Foot, this gives you the option for entering your own custom sizes.

Add the number of lineal feet needed, to the "Quantity" box, for one to multiple lengths of panels needed. Example 133.25 equals 133 feet 3 inches. Next, you will enter the panel lengths into the "Panel Sizes" box.  Example: 1- 49' 3", 1- 59' 7", 1- 24' 5" which is the quantity 133.25 entered into the "Quantity" box. 

For adding inches to your lineal feet total, in the "Quantity Box", please use these "exact" decimals for conversion. For fractions, round down. (4-1/2" to 4")
1 inch .08332 inches .167, 3 inches .254 inches .3335 inches .4176 inches .57 inches .5838 inches .6679 inches .75010 inches .83311 inches .917

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This 6' high windscreen, with a higher tear strength than similar closed polypropylene materials, Lathe Leno is a stylish and economical application for both commercial and athletic facilities.  With its unique leno weave you get the required shading for privacy, while doing away with the extra cost of sewn vents.

Putterman's Windscreen products are used at the US Open™

Please, Contact Us, for a sales quote, on custom sizes, shapes, and logos!

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