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iSam Value

The iSAM Value has been named many things from “The Little Prince” to “iSam” to the “iSAM Portable”.  However, one thing has ALWAYS remained constant, VALUE!  The iSAM Value is and always will be manufactured and assembled in the USA and by Ohio workers.

No other machine in the world gives you MORE MACHINE for LESS MONEY.  That is the reason why this machine has been #1 since the early 2000’s!

Thousands of these machines are on courts across the globe because of Value, Quality, Features and Cost.

All the given attributes are more the reason why this machine is called “The Families Choice Machine”.  All age groups enjoy the challenge. From Mom and Dad, to the budding college tennis star, to the young adult and to the little brother in kindergarten. The only problem you might have is that the family only has 1 iSAM Value to share.

  • This lightweight machine (the lightest in its class, 23 lbs) packs a mighty punch with ball speeds to 65 mph.
  • Being half as heavy and having all the features just like an expensive machine makes it a good value choice.
  • It is perfect for semi-professionals and for coaches who need a machine easy to transport and affordable.
  • With the iSAM priced at $759 means almost half price of any other machine in its class.
  • You will notice the very large ball hopper with the first look, which holds up to 300 plus balls and also doubles as the storage top.
  • The elevation control is nicely variable offering the player choices from groundstrokes to high lob so that you can practice all the shots including overheads.
  • The interval between shots can also be adjustable: for the beginners: 7 seconds and for more experienced players:  2 seconds.
  • Dimensions: With hopper on, 17" W x 19" L x 27" H.  With hopper reversed 17" W x 19" L x 16" H.
  • 1- year limited warranty

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