Why Bleachers are Important at Tennis Matches?

Whether you use it for transforming the field into a viewing area or just bring them out for extra space to sit, bleachers are considered best for seating arrangements. Due to the variation of styles and sizes bleachers provides, they have become a major part of all kinds of tennis events.

Despite knowing about portable bleachers, many court owners still stick to standard seating. Bleachers are extremely important for a successful game and you’ll know why after going through the list of benefits detailed below.

What are Bleachers?

Bleachers are probably best described as tiered rows of benches that are often found at sports fields and any other spectator event.

Why are Bleachers Important at Tennis Matches?

  1. Best for Sitting:

  • The thrill of a match can only be witnessed by being present around the court all the time. Since a tennis match lasts more than an hour, it would be a bit tiring for a spectator to watch the match standing there the whole time. 
  • Even if he is an ardent fan of the player playing, it won't be physically possible for him to spectate the whole match without getting fatigued as eventually at some point, his feet and legs will begin to tire.
  • By placing bleachers, you can provide an amazing opportunity for your spectators to sit and enjoy their favorite sport. These are designed in the form of stairways which provide the viewer access to seats on the horizontal seats.

  1. Highly Portable:

  • If you are having a tennis match outdoors, you should know that bleachers are more portable than any bench as you can place them at the desired place and after the match, you can just cart them away.
  • This is one amazing feature of Tip and Roll bleachers. These types of Bleachers come with built-in wheels. They are considered perfect even for organizations that require seating flexibility. 
  • In case you are having an indoor tennis match, foldable bleachers are the most suitable one.

  1. Helps you Cheer your Player Better:

  • Suppose a player from your home town is having a crucial match. His victory will also depend on the support he’ll receive. Cheering with your group by seating together in a bleacher can develop more confidence in the player than cheering when scattered.
  • A 2 Row Bleachers 15’ from Tennis Court Supply will provide the stability and comfort to your group which will help you cheer better. It comes with 20 seats and its frames are constructed of 100% welded aluminum angle. Since it has 2 rows where the height of the first row is 18” and the top row is 29”, it is perfect for your group. 

  1. No Need to Stand in Front to Watch:

  • The number of spectators watching the game depends majorly on the place available to sit. Due to the lack of seats, many spectators tend to stand in front to have a better view. People watching from behind can lose interest and leave the field. 
  • Therefore, this becomes one major reason to install bleachers to allow more people to see the uninterrupted action on the field.

  1. Massive Capacity:

  • Sometimes, you need a permanent and long-term seating arrangement for your big crowd. Fixed or Elevated bleachers are usually the most preferred type. 
  • These type of bleachers meet every specific seating capacity needs. Since they come with multiple rows, elevated bleachers sure take much space. As they need to tolerate frequent and more number of people, these bleachers are built to attain maximum durability.
  • If you also want to increase your court’s viewing area, 3 Row Bleachers 27’ should be on your shopping list. You’ll have not only a good space to make 54 spectators sit but also people appreciating its Safety End Caps that mitigate the sharp edges. The height of the first row is 18” and the last row is 29”.

  1. Provide Opportunity To Socialize:

  • This is a known fact that it is so difficult to socialize with others while standing. Now, this doesn't happen in the case of sitting. Many people often leave the match in the middle as they find no one to talk to in a break. During a drinks break at a tennis match, you would like your spectators to stay and have fun.
  • Therefore, bleachers provide an excellent opportunity for your spectators to socialize with each other. They can enjoy beers and snacks even with strangers while sitting. When everyone will be seated, any person can become a part of the group and watch their favorite players win.

Types of Outdoor and Indoor Bleachers:

  • I-Beam:

These are specifically for the outdoors. These bleachers are made with a combination of aluminum, plastics, and steel. They are called I-Beam bleachers due to the support of steel I-beams underneath them. 

You would see these bleachers in a stadium setting, more specifically football and track stadiums. Due to the availability of lots of space and weight, these bleachers are immovable. They are highly adjustable as both their height and length can range whatever the area calls for.

  • Frame-Type:

Not so prominent these days, Frame-type bleachers are traditional bleachers that are much smaller in size as compared to I-beam types. They are made either with the aluminum tube or steel and you would see these bleachers mostly at a small high school baseball field. Talking about the capacity, frame-type bleachers are only big enough to seat a handful of fans.

  • Telescoping:

Bleachers are exclusively made for indoor seating. You would see them at any normal gymnasium. Generally, these are made from wood, steel, and plastic. These are either movable or built on a track that allows them to fold in and out which makes them super convenient for providing more space indoors if needed.

Where to Find Them?

You can bring spirit to your tennis game by bringing more and more excited fans. At Tennis Court Supply, you’ll find the portable bleacher perfect for your courtside seating for all the spectators. All our bleachers are constructed to high specifications from tough and durable aluminum. 

We hope you liked the article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.