Wilson Tennis

Wilson Sporting Goods is one of the oldest and most respected names in the world of athletic equipment. From humble beginnings to a household name, Wilson has grown into one of the go-to brands for quality and innovation in a variety of sports. The company's contributions to tennis can't be denied, and we're pleased to carry Wilson tennis equipment here at Tennis Court Supply — where we carry only the best.

A Brief History of Wilson

Wilson started out under the name Ashland Manufacturing Company in 1913 as a side project of a meatpacking company, using animal products to make tough strings for various uses like tennis racquets and violins. The name was changed in 1915 when Thomas E. Wilson was appointed the president of the company, which went on to buy up other manufacturers to expand its offerings. In the next years, bolstered by its acquisitions, Wilson began to manufacture athletic clothing, balls for different sports, and more.

Since its earliest days, Wilson has focused on the importance of the relationship between an athlete and his or her equipment. No matter the sport, the athlete's equipment is like an extension of the body, whether we're talking about shoes, tennis racquets, or anything in between. Wilson's philosophy is that the right equipment makes all the difference in allowing an athlete to reach his or her full potential. For over 100 years, Wilson has been innovating in the sports world with this mindset as their core mission.

Today, Wilson is known for manufacturing the kind of products that keep the needs of athletes at heart. Their research and development involve directly working with thousands of athletes all over the world in order to produce exactly what they need to be the best.

Tennis Ball Machines

Wilson Tennis Ball Machines

At its core, Wilson operates on a love of the game, love of bringing players together, and a passion for serving the tennis community through innovation. In addition to some of the most highly-regarded tennis balls and tennis racquets in the industry, Wilson also makes tennis ball machines that provide players with the full experience needed to learn and practice. Wilson tennis ball machines have all the features needed for a stellar training session, including programmable routines, random oscillation, large ball capacity, customizable settings (like spin, speed, feed rate, and elevation), and a time-delayed start to give players a chance to get out on the court before the routine begins.

Beginners and expert players alike find Wilson tennis machines truly rewarding when facing an opponent after many hours of practice. At Tennis Court Supply, we have over 30 years of experience in tennis facility design and management and we highly recommend Wilson tennis ball machines as an option for your players. The versatility Wilson machines offer will give players plenty of the solid practice they crave, ensuring frequent rentals and happy customers.

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