Heavy Duty Ty Wraps 50lb Break Strength

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Heavy Duty Ty Wraps 50lb Break Strength
100 count, 8" UV-stabilized windscreen ties made for rugged outdoor use.  Outdoor optimized windscreen ties with a breaking strength of 50lb. Cheaper ties that are not UV-stabilized simply break down quickly under the sun, result in in frequent rehanging of the windscreen.

Installation Note:

Please note we recommend installing windscreen with light duty (50 lb. ties) along the top and sides of each panel, heavy duty (120 lb. ties) along the bottom,and heavy ties or poly-rope through the center grommets (if present). Using heavy duty ties elsewhere besides the bottom or the use of permanent fasteners (s-hooks, plastic clips, hog rings, etc.) anywhere can adversely affect your fence or windscreen, causing damage that will not be covered under the standard warranty.

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