Har-Tru Ball Mower
Har-Tru Ball Mower

Har-Tru Ball Mower

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Har-Tru Ball Mower
The Har-Tru Ball Mower is designed specifically for clay courts.  When a mower captures too many balls, the wheels lock up and the unit skids across the surface.  On a clay court, the friction between the wheel on the mower and the court surface is lessened and skidding is more frequent.  This leaves marks on the court that are unsightly, and on clay, it affects ball bounce and play.  The back plate is spring loaded so that as more balls enter, the anti-jamming mechanism on the Har-Tru Ball Mower flexes to handle the capacity.  Constructed using stainless-steel and aluminum parts as well as specialized pins and casters, the Har-Tru Ball Mower is designed to hold up well in the moist, gritty environment.  We know you will love this mower!

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