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elite grand four

elite grand four

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  • Pre Programed Drills:Moonballer Drill Moonballers can be a nightmare to play against. Think of it like slow pitch softball. The high arcing pitch looks like it should be easy to hit, bit it's not! To play the moonballer, you need patience or a combination of patience and a good mid court swinging volley to move forward and finish the points. Try practicing both! Also, don't be afraid to move back and let the high bouncing ball drop to a more comfortable height. Slicer Drill Some of the most effective club level player are called "hackers" by their friends. Others call the "slicers and dicers!" Typically these players can slice or chop their groundstrokes, keeping the ball low and hard to return. To play a "slicer" remember to bend you knees a little lower than normal, minimize unforced errors, and be ready for a long match! These players are usually very steady and will move you all around the court. Lefty Drill Most players are right-handed, which can make playing a lefty a relatively uncomfortable experience. Just don't be the player who doesn't even realize they just played a lefty until the match is over! It's important to know that most left-handers have strong forehand groundstrokes and strong backhand volleys. But, they ofter have weaker slice backhand groundstrokes and have trouble with low forehand volleys. The feeds from the machine in this sequence are designed to simulate what a lefty might throw at you. The Grinder Drill The Grinder tries to wear down his opponents physically an mentally, waiting for the other player to make a crucial mistake. This player hits high, loopy, moderate spin shots that will challenge all players. This is a six ball drill that utilizes the back court with different types of spin. Power Baseliner Drill The Power Baseliner is a player who is explosive in their shot selection, playing with pace and aggression and minimal spin. This player exhibits and attacking style, known as "first strike" tennis. This is a six ball drill that utilizes full back court with little sling and more ball speed. All-Courter Drill The All-Courter is a player type that focuses their game on tactical savvy. He/she can compete well from the baseline and will come to the net to finish points. When playing this type of player, expect a great deal of shot variety. This is a six ball drill that utilizes both full back court and front court with some top spin and less ball speed.

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elite grand four

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The grand series machines offer cutting-edge digital technology unprecedented among tennis ball launchers - Which translates to your workout feeling like you are playing against a human being!

  • The Lobster elite grand four offers unrivaled fully random oscillation - balls are tossed throughout the entire singles court mixing up ball speed, spin, trajectory and oscillation
  • Equipped with 6 pre-loaded, 6-shot drills that simulate the most popular styles of play: grinder, all courter, power baseliner, moonballer, slicer, and lefty, these incredible drills made by this tennis ball shooter mix up speed, trajectory, and spin to prepare you to play against the most challenging player styles, all at the press of a button.
  • Offering an expanded oscillation function with three versatile positional settings; narrow, medium, and wide, the grand four will sharpen your forehand and backhand ground strokes while improving your footwork exponentially.

If you are looking to customize your own personalized drills and save them to the machine, consider the elite grand five.

Fully Random Oscillation w/Variable Speed & Spin

                                                                                          Sample pre-loaded drills

                                                                               All Courter                      Power Baseliner

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