Edwards Aussie 3.0 Tennis Net
Edwards Aussie 3.0 Tennis Net

Edwards Aussie 3.0 Tennis Net

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Edwards Aussie 3.0 Tennis Net
You can rely on the Edwards Aussie 3.0 42 ft. Tennis Net to stand up to repeated high-velocity serves and speedy shots, which makes it simple to host tennis matches or coach players through drills without worrying about readjusting the net. Whether players are pairing off for a practice match or taking on the competition during a tournament, this net will stay strong thanks to the durable braided polyethylene netting and reliable vinyl headband. Make the most of your outdoor practices with this heavy-duty net, which comes with a center strap to help ensure the net remains at the proper height from start to finish.

  • 3mm braided polyethylene netting resists ripping and tearing during high-intensity practices and games
  • Vinyl headband adds reinforcement to areas of the net that see the most activity
  • 0.88 in. fiberglass dowels keep the net taut throughout game after game
  • Tapered center with a center strap maintains a consistent height and prevents the net from scraping and rubbing against the court
  • Edwards' most popular net, and the one used at Wimbledon.
  •  Heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl coated headband. 
  • 3.5mm braided polyethylene net body.
  •  Includes 5/8" fiberglass dowels and center strap.  Tapered center. 42' length only.

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