Deluxe Pickleball Line Set
Deluxe Pickleball Line Set

Deluxe Pickleball Line Set

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Deluxe Pickleball Line Set
The lines form to create complete pickleball boundary lines on your court. No more guessing to see if your ball is out as you have to do with other temporary lines that have gaps between each line... It comes in a durable storage and carry case, includes 8 lines (2 x 43’8”, 4 x 20”, 2 x14’8”) that are manufactured from a non-slip material to stay in position extremely well with safety in mind. Extremely durable. Sets up in seconds. No more disposable tape. The width of the lines is a regulation 2". 

 NOTE: We use a proprietary blend of rubber and plastic in these products. They are cleanable when needed with comparatively excellent sticking qualities on a “smooth” and “clean” surface. While temperature sensitive in terms of holding its shape, this is common for all similar materials. In other words, if the product does not lie flat, the user (particularly on first use) can soak the product in warm water or use a hair blower for a few seconds to get the “kinks out” of it being rolled up for a month or two and in air conditioned storage.

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