Crack Filler 5- gal
Crack Filler 5- gal

Crack Filler 5- gal

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Crack Filler 5- gal

Crack Filler is a highly flexible, asbestos free, high solids filler for major and minor cracks. Used in conjunction with the PicklePave/Acrylotes 1000 system it can retard the growth of minor cracks (of a non-structural nature) and can smooth over structural cracks temporarily until permanent steps can be taken. Manufactured in a Neutral color, Crack Filler can be used for preliminary repairs during the playing season until a more complete resurfacing project can be undertaken. For a complete description of tennis court repair and maintenance problems, refer to the Sports Builders Association Repair and Maintenance Guide Specification.

For Asphalt & Concrete
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Areas
  • Play Areas
  • All Purpose Sport Areas
  • Roof Top Recreation Areas
Use blunt, snub-nose hand trowel or small broad knife to force crack filler into cracks.

Up to 24 hours depending on thickness and ambient drying conditions.

Colors: Neutral

Depends on length and depth of crack (1 gallon will fill a crack ¼” wide X 2” deep X 40’ long). 

  • Apply only when ambient temperature is 50°F and rising.
  • Do not apply Crack Filler when rain is imminent within 4 hours.
  • Keep material from freezing.
  • Do not store in the hot sun.
  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
  • Do not apply if surface temperature is in excess of 140°F
  • Do not apply in major structural cracks (greater than ½”).
  • Crack Filler is not a permanent crack repair.


1.1 All surfaces to be repaired with Crack Filler shall be clean and free from loose dirt, dust, greases and oils. Cracks should be blown clean with an air compressor or high pressure water. Cracks shall be dry before application begins.


2.1 Cracks shall be hand-filled with square, snub-nose, hand trowel or broad knife with a narrow bead of material along crack. After the Crack Filler has been forced into the crack, the edges shall be wiped clean with a damp cloth (This prevents edge build up which would require sanding as a corrective measure).

2.2 After drying, any rough edges shall be sanded smooth, and loose material shall be carefully removed from the court by air-broom and/or sweeping. 

2.3 The filled crack may be coated with PicklePave or Acrylotex for greater color stability if a complete surfacing system is not completed at the time 

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