Court Patch Binder 5- gal
Court Patch Binder 5- gal

Court Patch Binder 5- gal

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Court Patch Binder 5- gal

Court Patch Binder is a high strength acrylic latex bonding liquid designed to mix with Silica Sand and Portland Cement as an easy to use patching compound. The patching mix may be used over new or existing asphalt and concrete surfaces to repair depressions, cracks and other irregularities. Court Patch Binder allows for application of quick drying leveling patches up to ¾” in depth. 

Over new or existing asphalt and concrete pavement to correct depressions and uneven texture on:
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Play Areas
  • Pathways and Walks
Use steel trowel and/or metal screed to fill and level depressions, bird baths or irregularities in tennis courts and other recreational pavement areas. Cracks greater than ¼” shall be filled and leveled with a square hand-trowel or broad knife by forcing the Court Patch Binder filler mix into the crack and striking off excess material. Edges may be feathered using a hand trowel and a damp cloth to form a smooth transition from patch to the original surface.


Applications of Court Patch Binder mixes dry at various rates depending on the type of mineral aggregate, the thickness applied, and the weather conditions. Thin applications by squeegee or trowel using fine aggregate will cure and dry in less than one hour. Thick applications (up to ¾”) for patching deep bird baths and rough pavement will take a minimum of six hours to dry depending on temperature and humidity conditions. Patches should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before applying the Picklepave/Acrylotex 1000 System.


Depressions up to ¾” shall be applied by steel trowel or metal screed to level the surface to proper
grade using the following mix designs.

Thin Patches ¼” or Less      
 100 lbs. #80-100 Mesh Silica Sand (dry)     
 3 gallons Court Patch Binder
 1 to 2 gallons Portland Cement (dry)
 (Minimum 12 lbs., Maximum 24 lbs.
 depending on temperature and humidity)

Thick Patches ¼” or Greater
Use 60-80 Mesh Silica Sand (dry)
 3 gallons Court Patch Binder
 1 to 2 gallons Portland Cement (dry)
 (Minimum 12 lbs., Maximum 24 lbs.
 depending on temperature and humidity)

Mix in a clean mortar box or mortar mixer to a workable consistency. Thoroughly clean and apply a tack coat of 1 part Court Patch Binder diluted with 2 parts water to the area to be patched. Court Patch Binder mix may be applied directly to the depressed area after the tack coat has completely dried. The patch should be allowed to cure for 24 hours prior to the application of the Picklepave/Acrylotex 1000 System.

Depressions in excess of ¾” depth must receive multiple applications of Court Patch Binder Mix, allowing 24 hours before applying subsequent lifts. Each application of Court Patch mix must be feathered out to a fine edge. Any rough edges must be rubbed down with an abrasive rubbing stone to remove roughness.

Because of the wide variation in surface conditions, porosity and texture, the coverage figures given here are approximate and serve only as a guide:
 Patching mix: 1 ½ square yards per 100 lbs. batch laid ½” thick.

  • Allow new asphalt surface 14 days to cure and new concrete 28 days to cure.
  • Do not use in temperatures below 55°F or when rain or high humidity is imminent.
  • Ambient temperature must be 55°F and rising
  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
  • Do not apply if surface temperature is in excess of 140°F.

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