Concrete Preparer
Concrete Preparer

Concrete Preparer

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Concrete Preparer is especially formulated acid etching pre-treatment for previously uncoated Portland Cement
Concrete that requires no after-wash. Concrete Preparer is self-neutralizing, and prepares the surface to receive
the Picklepave Coating System by forming a water-insoluble reaction in the surface of the concrete. This surface
reaction creates a barrier to reduce the osmotic effect of water vapor and moisture which can create blisters and
destroy the bond between the Picklepave Coatings and the concrete substrate.


The use of Concrete Preparer does not preclude taking the normal precautions to prevent transmission of water
vapor and moisture by installing a vapor barrier below the concrete and providing accurate drainage. Nor will this
treatment prevent spalling, deterioration of defective concrete of low compressive strength, or improper curing
and cracking of concrete due to faulty mix or improper reinforcing steel.

The uncoated concrete surface shall be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, mud, oil, and all foreign matter. The
surface must be free of all concrete curing compounds and hardeners. Scrub or vacuum to remove foreign matter,
as required. To obtain the desired results, concrete should have a wood float or broom finish, not a steel trowel

Dilute one (1) gallon of Concrete Preparer with four (4) gallons of clean water before using. Apply the material
liberally to the concrete surface by pouring onto the surface and spread with a broom. Do not rinse, but allow to
dry thoroughly before coating with the Picklepave System. All puddles should be dispersed by broom finish, not a
steel-trowel finish.

Approximately 700-900 square feet per undiluted gallon. Figure 3-4 gallons per standard size pickelball court, or 8-10 gallons per standard size tennis court.

Contains Phosphoric Acid and Zinc Chloride. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. In case
of contact, immediately flush skin or eyes with plenty of clean water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical
attention for eyes.

• Do not apply to pre-coated concrete.
• Do not apply when temperatures are at freezing during period of application and drying.
• Do not use Concrete Preparer in more concentrated form. Stronger solution is not desirable. 

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