Why Backdrops Give Your Court a Professional Touch

Tennis Backdrop Curtains are proven to provide great aid to players. They not only ensure privacy but also enhance efficiency during practice indoors. Their effectiveness in providing a uniform background and blocking out distractions to enhance the focus has helped the players improve their game.

Most athletes don’t know about the applications of these tennis backdrop curtains and how these help them in examining their weak areas. 

This is why we’ll let you know how backdrop curtains can help you in improving your game and giving the court a professional touch. Also by the end, we will leave some tips that will help your curtains perform better. 

What are Backdrop Curtains?

Backdrop curtains are basically a part of a professional and well-designed indoor tennis facility. They work as a visual background for athletes and help them practice and improve without concern about prying eyes or being embarrassed. They are globally being used in most sports that involve balls like baseball, softball, and golf but they are most commonly used for practicing on the tennis court.

Adding a backdrop to your tennis court makes your practice more efficient and gives your court a professional touch. That's why in the following section, let's see why these Backdrop curtains are considered an essential part of an indoor tennis facility.

The necessity of Tennis Backdrops

Efficient Ball Tracking

  • When your opponent hits the small green tennis ball with high velocity, it becomes harder to keep an eye on the ball. As this high velocity ball sails back and forth across the court during a match, it quickly becomes a weapon of stealth.
  • This can be prevented by installing backdrops in your tennis court as these are great for ball tracking. Your ball will be more visible against a darker blue, green, red or black tennis backdrop curtain. 
  • Moreover, any kind of guesswork is eliminated which will help you improve in the areas you feel the need to grow.

Keeping playing space discrete

  • These curtains also help in keeping the individual playing spaces discrete from one another. This makes it convenient for each player to keep track of his equipment and environment.
  • They also provide a physical barrier to keep the balls within the courts and with the help of these, the athletes will know precisely which ball is theirs and where it exactly went. So that's always a great feature, especially indoors.

Protecting from Spectators and mischievous people

  • During a professional indoor tennis match, at the end of every subsequent odd game in the set, players need to rotate ends. In between these times, spectators keep roaming in the courts and even grab your equipment without being noticed.
  • These backdrops are used to screen out distractions of spectators moving between the court. The players will be provided with walls that effectively define the playing area.

Adds a Professional touch

  • Adding a backdrop to your tennis court can help the facility look nicer and professional. It also helps deaden the ball. Backdrops can turn a normal off-white facility into a place of competition and help inspire victory.

If you’re also in a search for the best curtains that are most suitable for your courts and the players, we recommend you to go with Tennis Courts Supply’s Tenna Standard Backdrop Curtain 10 X 60 W/ Door. This product is a custom fabricated 18 oz fire retardant and 100% vinyl-coated polyester. It provides a protective shield against harmful UV rays and acts as an anti-mildew. 

It is the most durable curtain that you’ll find on market today. Straight line, track, and cable system available which allow an easy curtain installation. You’ll find several color from green to grey, black to royal blue and red to yellow. Pick the color of your choice and make your tennis court look like never before.

Now that you know what curtains to buy, you need to keep in mind some things before buying, for an ideal purchase. 

Measurements and Customization 

  • Before buying your backdrop, make sure to measure your court as well as ensure you have the right dimensions for entryways, doorways, viewing windows and ventilation. 
  • For an added touch of sophistication, you can order the curtain sets with standard square corners. You can even use backdrops to create hallways between courts. 
  • The tennis backdrop curtains that you're buying should meet Federal and local fire and safety codes. Before ordering, ask the manufacturer if their materials meet those standards.
  • You'll even be provided with customization options at Tennis Court Supply and these options include determining the custom size, adding final touches and having your facility logo printed on it.

With that being said, we can now turn to the installation process. The installation doesn’t seem complicated but still needs precision and some calculations. Most people don’t consider these things and hence end up with issues.

That’s why, here are some important tips you need to remember while installing your backdrop curtains.

Few things to remember while installing

  • When installing, you need to keep in mind that the backdrop curtain should be raised a minimum 10ft from the floor and it can be as tall as the ceiling. 
  • Avoid fastening the curtain to the floor as it can rebound the ball in a way instead of stopping it.
  • You’ll need high tension wires to hold your backdrop curtains and snap hooks in case you want to add an existing cable.
  • If your curtain is attached or in contact with the floor by any means, it can get snagged and abraded by the heavy machinery in one pass. This wouldn’t be economical in any way to replace your newly installed backdrop.

Parting Notes

With the correct materials involved, backdrop curtains can take your court playing experience to the next level. At Tennis Court Supply, you’ll find top-quality and heavy-duty curtains at the right price. In addition to curtains, you’ll also find here all the necessary court parts and accessories that are made to fit your interests.

If you have any other backdrop curtains and accessories related questions, visit our website or contact our knowledgeable staff. We’ll be happy to assist you.