American Red  40- 70lb Bags, 1.4 Ton
American Red 40- 70lb Bags, 1.4 Ton

American Red 40- 70lb Bags, 1.4 Ton

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American Red Clay 40- 70lb Bags, 1.4 Ton
Har-Tru's American Red Clay is composed of red stone and brick dust combined in a time-tested formula to produce exceptional play-ability and a beautiful deep burgundy red.
The amount of Har-Tru needed for a 1 inch layer is 11 lbs. per square foot.

While Har-Tru American Red Clay provides the rich color many people long for, it does so in a formula that behaves more like Har-Tru.  This means simpler maintenance and very consistent play-ability.  American Red is formulated specifically for installation with HydroCourt Sub-surface irrigation.  American Red typically has a greater amount of loose top dressing that a green Har-Tru court and consequently plays a bit slower.

40- 70lb bags (1.4 Ton)

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