Which Surface Is Most Suitable For Your Game?

The primary materials used for hard court tennis courts are asphalt and concrete, however you can use a variety of materials, asphalt and concrete are just the most common types of surfacing as they are easy to maintain. When it comes to new tennis court installation, there are a variety of different materials to choose from, so read our tutorial and also check with the experts at Tenniscourtsupply.com. We proudly provide a variety of tennis court surfacing materials so we can be of help when it comes down to the final decision for your new court.

Clay Courts

While hard courts are the most prominent tennis court material, some court owners opt to use clay court surfacing. Clay courts are much more common in Latin America and Continental Europe than in North America, Great Britain, or Asia. There are two types of clay courts: green clay and red clay (the latter being more common). Clay court players often use topspins to throw off their opponents. Players who excel on clay courts vs. hard courts are considered “clay-court specialists”. If you choose to go with this surfacing Tennis Court Supply offers clay tennis court surfacing by Har-Tru, a unique surface created with crushed stone.

Hard Courts

As mentioned earlier the main materials used in hard court tennis court construction are asphalt and concrete, and they are fairly easy to maintain. Hard courts do require specialized resurfacing materials, specific court paint, and particular patch and prep methods for filling cracks or seams that may arise from daily use. You can count on Tenniscourtsupply.com for all your hard court surfacing materials. You can’t forget the paint! We have proprietary tennis court paint, our TCS Court Color. This paint for hard courts is available in both ready-to-use and concentrated formulas in a variety of colors.

Modular Court Tiles

There is another variety of tennis court surfacing that Tenniscourtsupply.com advocates that will truly last you a lifetime! Tenniscourtsupply.com offers VersaCourt Tennis Court Systems, a modular court surface composed of durable interlocking tiles. This court surface helps provide great ball response and also very consistent bounce. If you elect to go with a VersaCourt Tennis Court System you will find that it’s quite easy to install, maintain, and provides a low impact surface for your players. It’s worth the extra dollar to go VersaCourt to have the added benefits. To learn more about VersaCourt Tennis Court Systems and other court surfacing materials, contact Tenniscourtsupply.com at (877) 504-5657 or fill out our contact form