Creating a high-quality tennis court requires much more than a great court. You need to focus on the entire experience that your players and your guests have. That means getting great accessories to enhance both game play and comfort.

Tennis Court Supply has all the materials you need to create the best tennis experience for your guests. Here are a few of the top tennis court accessories you should have:

Score Keepers

Make it easy for both players and observers to keep track of the score with a quality score keeper. These hang right on the net and feature numbers in two separate colors. No one will get confused about who’s scoring what. When individuals are playing, these score keepers are the perfect way for them to keep track of who’s ahead.


Just because the temperature drops outside doesn’t mean your players have to stop practicing their games. However, when the wind starts to kick up, it can be really uncomfortable on the court. Windscreens help to block the wind and make the court a bit more comfortable. Then no one has anything to blame on missing the shot – except maybe the sun in their eye?

Awnings and Cabanas

Awnings and cabanas make for a comfortable resting area in between matches. Players can take a rest and have a refreshing drink of water. During matches, coaches and observers can get a court-side view and keep cool in the heat. The awnings will also provide protection in case of unexpected rain.

Many moreAccessories are available to help you create an exceptional experience for your players and guests. Browse the catalog at Tennis Court Supply to find the accessories you need to create a popular tennis court for your community.