The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Tennis Enthusiasts
Everyone has a different take on holiday shopping; some people love the hustle and bustle and excitement, others dread the crowds, traffic and stress. The good news is, whether you love shopping or hate it, most Americans complete the majority of their holiday purchases online.

If you’re shopping for a tennis lover, you’re especially in luck! Athletic departments and other stores that carry tennis products lack in quantity, quality and versatility. The internet is a different ballgame – you can find anything you need with the click of the mouse. 

To make your hunt even easier, we’ve put together a quick gift-giving guide for tennis players. Here are our top 5 tennis gifts for this holiday season:

1.    Tennis Ball Machine

For anyone who owns their own court or has daily access to one (in your community, maybe?), a tennis ball machine is the ULTIMATE gift. Anyone that wants to improve their game, prepare for a tournament or practice for the fun of it, needs a tennis ball machine. All major facilities have them and trust us – all residential tennis court owners want one!

2.    Tennis Racket

Beginners and experienced players alike will appreciate a new tennis racket this holiday season! Chances are, they already have one in mind, so a few discreet questions are in order. If they’re new the game or someone you play with regularly, it’s a bit easier. New players need a racquet with a super-oversize head. These tend to be lightweight, easy to control and are designed for learning the sport. Advanced players use heavier rackets with smaller heads.

3.    Portable Systems for Kids

If you love tennis and want to pass the joys of the game along to your kids – or they’re showing an interest in the sport that you want to nourish – a portable tennis system is an excellent option. Portable tennis court systems can be used indoors, on large courts or anywhere else your kids have space to play – even large driveways and patios! Portable systems are the next best thing to a residential tennis court.

4.    Tennis Apparel

Tennis players can never have enough clothing! Tennis is played year-round indoors and outdoors, so there are plenty of options to choose from, many of which are style and available at different price points. If you want to spend a bit more, we recommend a moisture-wicking outfit with a matching top and bottom. Tennis shoes are another quality option.

Tennis fans also enjoy funny mugs, sweatshirts, T-shirts, keychains and other accessories!

5.    Lessons

Even the most experienced players appreciate an outside perspective once and a while! Sometimes a helping hand is just what a player needs to take their game to the next level, get more power out of their swing or even fall in love with the game. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other people to enjoy the game and find the best local facilities to play at.

With these tips, we know any tennis lover in your life will have a wonderful holiday. Happy shopping!