Tennis and Pickleball Machines

Tennis and Pickleball Machines

Tennis ball machines are a great option for players who want to continue practicing even while solo, which makes them a must for your tennis facility. Some tennis ball machines are capable of introducing a random element to their shots, keeping players on their toes. With a tennis ball machine, players can practice to their hearts' content even without a partner, and with a much more varied experience than rebounding against a backboard.

The Development of Tennis Ball Machines

The tennis ball machine as we know it was invented in several stages, making use of the technology of the time. The first tennis ball machine was invented by Rene Lacoste in the 1920s and operated by hand crank. It was an ingenious design (which you can see in action here), but only held a few balls and still relied on another person being present to turn the crank. Then in the 1970s, a pneumatic model was invented by Bob McClure. Later, battery-operated tennis ball machines began to make an appearance but were slow to catch on because of low battery life. Today, these issues have all been addressed, and you can now find large-capacity, fully-adjustable tennis ball machines with good battery life and even remote control.

Where to Buy Tennis Ball Machines for Your Facility

The best tennis ball machines are available from Tennis Court Supply, your premier supplier of tennis court equipment with over 30 years' experience in tennis court construction and management. Our selection of tennis ball machines includes the following brands.

Lobster: Featuring an innovative folding design for easy storage, Lobster tennis ball machines are designed for convenience and adjustability and are extremely popular. They're easy to transport and make a great addition to any size court.

Playmate: The design of Playmate tennis ball machines came about in a mission for user-friendliness. These machines are made to be simple to use while still providing a full range of options for players who want to practice with different factors in play, like ball speed and topspin.

Wilson: Wilson tennis ball machines have an incredible range of options at a relatively compact size. They run lighter than other tennis ball machines and are extremely portable, making them a fantastic option for smaller courts.

All three brands have their advantages, and we encourage you to contact us if you have further questions when picking out the right tennis ball machines for your court.

Tennis ball machines have also been adapted for Pickleball as it proves to be a popular all-ages game with a large following. The Pickleball Tutor is awesome for all levels of practice and works with both indoor and outdoor pickleballs.

Supplies and Accessories

To round out your selection of tennis and/or Pickleball machines, you may consider a few accessories. Of course, you'll need a large supply of tennis balls or pickleballs to keep them loaded up. Don't underestimate how quickly our machines can go through hundreds of balls! As an aside, you should consider ball mowers to collect them all from the court easily. Other needed accessories include storage solutions, covers, optional extra batteries, and more. Browse our complete selection of tennis ball machines to see all available supplies.

As always, feel free to contact Tennis Court Supply for assistance.