Tennis Windscreens: the Basics

Tennis Windscreens: the Basics


Windscreens are crucial for a well-designed outdoor tennis court. They provide shade and privacy and block some of the wind while still allowing for ventilation. They also provide a solid background for players to watch the ball, eliminate visual distractions from other areas or courts, and even have a noise-reduction effect. All outdoor tennis courts can benefit from some kind of windscreen.

This article will introduce you to the different types of windscreens we carry at Tennis Court Supply, and how to choose the right one for your court.


Windscreen materials and brands

Lathe Leno polypropylene windscreens have a unique weave that allows for privacy while retaining airflow without the need for additional vents. They are also much more tear-resistant than other polypropylene windscreens and overall very cost-effective. Lathe Leno windscreens provide 87% shade and are made to last, with 4-ply reinforced hems and a 4-year limited warranty. Brass grommets are built in every 18 inches to allow for installation. Custom sizing is available.

Tenn-Air Vinyl Coated Polyester windscreens are mildew-resistant and stand up well to water, salt, and sun damage from UV rays. The vinyl coating does not wear off the polyester construction, even under stress from use. These windscreens are not only very durable, they also look great and can be custom-printed with your facility's logo. Tenn-Air and Ten-Air Pro windscreens have a 4- and 5-year limited warranty respectively. Custom sizing is available for these windscreens too.

Dura-Air PVC windscreens are made of closely-bonded PVC and polyester, resulting in a material that is tough, flexible, and professional-looking. The composition is 78% flexible foamed PVC and 22% high-tenacity polyester yarn. Dura-Air windscreens come with a 4-year limited warranty and can also be custom-sized and printed.

Polyethylene windscreens are made by a few manufacturers and include Courtscreen, Weathascreen, and Commercial Knit. Courtscreen is the “do-it-yourself” windscreen that you can unroll, cut to the proper length, and attach to the fence with plastic ties. The non-fraying construction means you can cut it to any length you need and add your own air vents where necessary. Weathascreen is installed the same way and is constructed from a unique locked-spring knit rather than woven like most windscreens. It resists weather, fraying, UV rays, mildew, and abrasion. Commercial Knit windscreens have a very high tensile strength and higher breaking point than other windscreens and are used in industrial capacities as well as sports. It has built-in grommets spaced every 12 inches and reinforced 3-ply hems.

Privacy Screen is a great budget-minded screen for wherever privacy or shade is needed. The material is lightweight, yet tear-resistant and won't unravel, and is also mold, mildew, and UV-resistant. It can be ordered pre-cut to a specific length or by the roll to be cut on location. Privacy Screen is available in several colors and with or without grommets.


Choosing the right windscreen for your tennis court

The first consideration when choosing a windscreen is your budget and the size of the perimeter fence surrounding your court or courts. Weigh your options and think about how long you expect this particular windscreen to last before it needs to be replaced. Beyond these, there are other factors to keep in mind.

You'll have to balance shade, ventilation, and privacy according to the needs of your court. You'll also need to account for doorways for gates and decide whether you want a solid screen or to include windows. You'll also need to pick a color — dark colors have the highest contrast with the ball and will make it easier for your players to keep track of its movements. You should also decide if you want custom printing on your windscreens, or if you feel this additional branding is not necessary for your facility.

If you need help with this decision, contact Tennis Court Supply and we'll share our knowledge with you. We have over 30 years experience in tennis court design and we'll be happy to help you select the best windscreen for your needs. We also have all the tools you need for windscreen installation and can provide information on how to get the best results.