Tennis Safety: 5 Tips For Avoiding Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a great sport. It’s fun, social, and very accessible. However, it's no secret that playing high-impact sports, like tennis, can be hard on the body. It comes with risks, too – including the risk of sustaining an injury. 

 Tennis injuries could happen to experienced and beginner players alike. In even worse cases, tennis injuries can get even more painful and expensive. And if left untreated, they can lead to long-term health problems and even permanent damage. But the good news is that you can avoid the most common tennis injuries with proper knowledge and practice. If that's something you'd like to learn more about, then read on!

How to Avoid Tennis Injuries

1. Use the right gear when playing tennis

If you want to avoid tennis injuries, choosing the right tennis gear is essential. And to be honest, it’s not as easy as grabbing the first thing you set your eyes on. In fact, there’s so much more to consider when you pick the right gear for your game.

Because the truth is, not only will the wrong gear hurt your game, but it might also cause you serious tennis injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right tennis equipment.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Tennis Shoes

For starters, you need to have a reliable pair of tennis shoes.

Why? Because the perfect tennis shoes should be able to provide enough support and stability while still allowing your feet to move when playing.

Tennis is a high-impact sport. If you wear shoes that cannot support your movements, it would be difficult for you to maintain accuracy. Even worse, the wrong pair could cause ankle sprains or leg injuries. So make sure to buy a pair of tennis shoes that fit you and your playing style.

Tennis Racket

The right tennis racket will not only help improve your accuracy and strength but also protect your wrist from getting injured. 

You see, tennis rackets come in different sizes and weights. The heavier the weight, the stronger the racket. But the lighter the weight, the easier it is to swing.

So what kind of tennis racket do you need? Well, this depends on how strong you are and how fast you play.

If you're a beginner player who wants to start off slow, you'll probably find a light tennis racket ideal for your needs. On the other hand, if you're a seasoned pro who plays at a high level, a heavier tennis racket will probably suit you best. 

In either case, however, you must ensure that the tennis racket fits your size and arm length properly. This way, you won't end up straining your wrists or arms.

The Right Clothes

It might not sound like much but wearing the correct attire can prevent injury and help you perform at your best.

Why? Because the wrong clothes can restrict your movement when you play. Above all, they can get uncomfortable after a few hours of playing.

If you plan to play tennis regularly, then it's crucial to invest in some comfortable tennis outfits. You can find them online or from local sporting goods stores.

2. Take breaks

Tennis players are prone to injuries because of the physical demands placed upon them during matches. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks that tennis players can follow to avoid injury.

One of the easiest ways to prevent injuries is to take frequent breaks. When playing tennis, it's easy to lose track of time and forget to stop and stretch. As a result, muscles become tight and sore, leading to pain and inflammation. Taking short breaks every 20 minutes or so can help alleviate muscle tension and allow your body to recover.

Also, remember to drink water regularly, especially during breaks. Water keeps your muscles hydrated, allowing your body to maintain flexibility. Also, drinking water before and after play can help prevent dehydration, which can lead to fatigue and other health problems.

3. Warm-up and practice

One of tennis players' biggest mistakes is skipping warm-ups and practicing their strokes incorrectly.

Warm-ups are essential to prepare your body for the rigor of the game. They help loosen stiff joints and increase blood flow throughout your body.

Practicing your strokes is equally as important. It allows you to develop proper form and technique. Above all, it helps prevent injury by allowing your muscles and joints to become more flexible.

If you can't do warm-ups by yourself just yet, we highly recommend you work with a trainer. A good trainer can teach you how to warm up properly and keep you safe while practicing.

Or, if you’d like to take your practice sessions to a new level, you can use high-quality backboards like these.

4. Cross-train

One of the main reasons that tennis injuries happen is due to improper training. Players who spend too much time repeatedly practicing just one specific movement risk developing bad habits that lead to injury. Cross-training is a great way to avoid this problem.

Cross-training involves alternating different types of exercises during your practice sessions. Doing so conditions your entire body and prevents you from falling into bad habits.

By cross-training, you'll prevent yourself from becoming bored with your routine and allow your muscles to adapt to different activities. And since tennis is a full-bodied sport, there’s no doubt that cross-training can help improve your game.

5. Use the right court equipment

Equipment can also play a critical role in preventing injuries. For instance, the right artificial lighting allows players to see their opponents' shots better, making it easier to hit back at them. Lighting can also help them see if there are any hazards on the court.

The same goes for divider screens. Divider screens can block distractions, like unwelcome spectators or even glare from light sources. Distractions, after all, can cause players to lose concentration, miss shots, and even get injured as a result.

And don't forget those tennis net posts and nets!

Sagging nets can be dangerous because they can catch and trip a player's foot. To prevent this, ensure you regularly inspect your netting and replace it when necessary.


As you can see, there are many ways to prevent tennis injuries. By following these tips, you can reduce your chances of getting injured while playing tennis.

However, if you suffer an injury, remember that rest is vital. Take some time off from your game and let your body heal. You should also consult a doctor for further advice.

And if you need help in upgrading your tennis court with the right equipment and tools, feel free to contact us at Tennis Court Supply. We’d love to help you out!

Good luck, and enjoy your games!