Tennis & Pickleball for Schools and Youth

Tennis and Pickleball for Kids


One of the best things about the game of tennis is that it appeals to all ages. It's a fantastic sport in so many ways — not only does it teach reflexes and agility, it also improves discernment and other mental abilities. And of course, there's the benefit of exercise without the type of danger you'd encounter in contact sports!

Pickleball is a similar game, related to tennis and in fact was invented as an alternative to tennis that is even friendlier to young children. Adults love Pickleball too, though, and many players continue to prefer it throughout their lives.

Do you want to spread interest in tennis or Pickleball throughout the youth in your area? Tennis Court Supply can help!


A Kid-Friendly Court

If your ultimate goal is to hold kids' training days at your tennis facility, you'll need to ensure your court is as safe and kid-friendly as possible. The first step is maintenance — just make sure your court surfaces are in good shape, there are no tempting holes in your windscreens where a small child could get their hand stuck, and so on. You'll also need to provide plenty of seating (and shade) for parents as well as the kids when they need a rest. Have water and first aid supplies on hand.

Next, check out our selection of kids' tennis gear: we have everything you need to adjust the game for different age groups! Then, develop some plans for programs including drills, exercises, and practice games. Ball machines are great for practice, as are curved backboards. If your target audience is quite young, you should have a few free-play breaks where the kids can decompress, similar to recess during a school day.

In order to develop the best program, you may want to work with coaches and physical education teachers in your area. You're more likely to have success with your youth tennis program if you cooperate directly with your local schools.


Visiting Schools

Since Tennis Court Supply has so much portable tennis equipment and portable Pickleball equipment available, you can start a program in which you set up a temporary court at local schools and have a Tennis Day or Pickleball Day. Interested kids could bring home a form to their parents with information about the programs you're offering at your own facility.

Depending on how many age groups you want to include, you should set up different programs during different days or times so you and your staff can focus properly on specific levels of play for different-age kids. You should also decide if you want to create a program where kids can join at any time, or if you prefer to have one in which kids need to sign up at the beginning for a specific curriculum of lessons and activities.

If you need some help and advice with your tennis or Pickleball court setup, maintenance, or design, you can contact us at Tennis Court Supply with your questions. We have over 30 years of experience in tennis court design and maintenance and can help point you to the right procedures and products.