Tennis & Pickleball Portable Net Systems

Portable Net Systems

School gymnasiums, sports complexes, neighborhood parks, and multipurpose centers should have at least one portable net system to expand their capabilities. Even the smallest facility can quickly repurpose an area for tennis or Pickleball. Sports-minded homeowners can benefit from them too, since a portable net can be set up in a backyard, driveway, or nearly anywhere.

Portable net systems are one of the most versatile pieces of sports equipment available today, as they allow you to quickly set up a tennis or Pickleball court almost anywhere. Pickleball, in particular, is a highly accessible sport for all ages and is consistently growing in popularity. Pickleball instructors often travel to introduce others to the game, so the ability to set up a temporary Pickleball court is extremely valuable.

Of course, tennis has a long history as a beloved sport, and a portable tennis net system likewise provides you with a quick means of setting up a court in an available space. Portable systems add a great deal of versatility to any gym or sports facility as they allow you to make use of indoor and outdoor areas that are normally empty or used for other sports.

Portable Pickleball Net

Choosing a Portable Net System

Regardless of whether you're choosing a portable net system for Pickleball, tennis, 10-and-under tennis, or 8-and-under tennis, there are some features you should watch for. The quality of your portable net system will determine its lifespan and ease of use.


This is probably the most important factor. Whether you're going to keep your portable net systems in storage until they're needed or pack them up to travel to the location where they'll be used, their components must be able to withstand the wear involved in being repeatedly taken apart and reassembled. If the joins begin to loosen, the net will sag and the posts may lean in one direction or another. If this starts happening, it's likely you'll have to replace the whole system since any repairs may involve the need to permanently attach pieces that are meant to be removable for disassembly.

Choose a portable net system from a reputable manufacturer with a long history of high quality, such as Douglas, GAMMA, or any other manufacturer carried by Tennis Court Supply. These have the added benefit of being weather resistant, but you should never leave your portable net system outdoors when not in use anyway.

Ease of assembly

The other crucial factor and this includes easy disassembly as well. You should be able to set up (and take down) your portable net system quickly and with a minimum of tools. Ease of assembly is also affected by the quality of construction, since lower-grade manufacturers may produce net systems with connections that don't fit together as well as they should.

At Tennis Court Supply, we carry a selection of tennis and Pickleball portable net systems that pass these tests. Look forward to easy use and long life from the products in our catalog. We also have accessories for portable systems, such as multi-use standards for quick movement of assembled nets and Pickleball tournament sets. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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