Tennis Interests are on the Rise
Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, and is growing more and more in interest throughout the United States. Sports interests in the US are of course much higher for baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, however that also corresponds with the tremendous amount of media around those aforementioned sports. The only runner up to the top four sports mentioned above in terms of high interest in the US is soccer, but tennis is creeping up on due to many contributing factors. 

Tennis In The Spotlight 

Over the past few decades, mass media has made the tennis industry much more accessible to Americans. Television has provided constant coverage of tennis in the Olympics, seasonal tournaments, and many other tennis matches. Even more influential has been the recent digital era for sports. With the advent of the internet tennis has even more real estate. Tennis videos, social media, and hundreds of other online marketing channels. Tennis is gaining more tread, and with the digital era even further in the spotlight. The summer 2019 tennis season alone has seen plenty of raised interest and increases in memberships to private tennis courts across the US. 

The Future Of Tennis

With more folks becoming health conscious these days, a high cardio sport like tennis is sure to seem very attractive. Health advocates looking to get their exercise while engaging new hobby that intrigues them will find tennis to be a perfect balance. Another important trend that will definitely keep the sport alive and only encourage more new hobbyists to enter the sport is accessibility. Since many athletic clubs and residential complexes are adding tennis courts to their amenities, it encourages new athlete’s minds to pick up a tennis racquet and give the sport a try. Browse for your court’s accessories to make it as attractive as possible to new members.