As with most things, your tennis court needs a little TLC, too. The idea is simple: take good care of it, and it can serve you for years. You see, the better maintained your court is, the more exhilarating those matches become. After all, who doesn’t like playing on an impeccably kept court? (At TCS, we don’t. We love it!)  But taking good care of your court can be a little challenging, too, especially if it’s located in a region where winters are as relentless as a tennis pro's forehand.  You might be wondering: how do you guard your court against winter? Here are a few ideas we swear by at Tennis Court Supply:

1. Take down those windscreens first!

Did you install windscreens on your outdoor tennis court? If so, smart! Windscreens are great at preventing winds from ruining your shot. They can give you a bit of privacy, too.  However, we can’t say the same for windscreens during winter. Sure, they can help block the winter wind, but it might not be a good idea. After all, frosty winds can get a little too harsh on those windscreens. Not even the most durable windscreen materials can withstand such ruthless conditions. So, do yourself a favor and save those windscreens for tennis season. They’ll last longer if you do!

2. Clear the court of nets.

Nets are like windscreens. Too much exposure in the cold, and they risk snapping and breaking. So, if you won’t use your court during winter, give your nets a break. Lower the tension, or better yet, remove them and properly store them somewhere dry. Like windscreens, nets last longer if you don’t overexpose them to harsh conditions!

3. Leaf it clean!

Courts deteriorate more rapidly when there’s too much moisture, mold, and mildew. And guess what? They accumulate faster in places littered with soggy leaves.  Fall is notorious for its leaves, and while they might paint a picturesque autumn scene for most people, believe us, they're no good for your court's health. Unless you do the right thing before winter, and that is to remove all those leaves and all those accumulated debris from your court.

4. A stain-free court is the way to go.

Stains may sound harmless, but they are any court’s silent enemy. Why? A stained court could also be an open invitation to moisture and mold. But don’t fret. The good news is that many of these stains can be easily removed. Just don’t use a pressure washer, as it can be a little too intense for your delicate court. (Hint: here are some products to help you get started.)

5. Don’t ignore those cracks!

Cracks can act as an open invite for water and dirt to seep in. But the worst thing about cracks is that they can cause further damage to the court when the water turns into ice. So, before winter sets in, make sure to check your court for cracks or any form of surface damage. If you ever find them, patch them up and do the necessary repairs. (We recommend these products for patching cosmetic cracks.)  By making this proactive approach before every winter, you can make sure your court remains in tip-top shape.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure

Indeed, when it comes to maintaining your tennis court during the harsh winter months, this age-old adage couldn't be more accurate. You’ve invested time, effort, and perhaps even fond memories on that court. It might have even seen a couple of intense matches. With all these rich experiences, the last thing you'd want is for winter to throw a curveball at it. Remember, winter is just one season. With some preparation and the right tools, your tennis court can weather through it.  And if you’re in the market for tools and supplies that can help you maintain your court in tip-top shape for winter and all kinds of seasons, hit us up! At Tennis Court Supply, we have everything you need to play tennis and to keep your court in impeccable shape.