Hot and hard-surfaced tennis courts can be brutal in the summer, but with some preparation, the right tennis court supplies and some practical tips, you can continue to safely and comfortably play your favorite sport throughout the summer.

Cabanas and Awnings can provide relief from the sun during breaks and in between games. While playing on an outdoor court in the heat doesn’t seem appealing at first, some shade can make all the difference in a player’s decision to enjoy the outdoors or to stay indoors.

Tennis Court Lighting will keep your courts well-lit for players who want to avoid the sun altogether. Many players find the heat of the day too unbearable and would prefer to play in the cooler evenings. Adequate tennis court lighting will help them enjoy the tennis throughout the summer.

Cooler and Cooler Racks are essential for any tennis court in every season. Like with any sport, players should keep themselves hydrated and should have easy access to water to maintain their health and their game.