Tennis Court Equipment For Teaching Kids To Play

Teaching kids (even young ones!) to play and enjoy tennis is fun and easy. With the QuickStart Tennis Supplies that we offer, you can find kid-sized courts and kid-sized tennis equipment to get them started. Using a kid-friendly format offers immediate benefits that will have kids moving, rallying, playing and, most importantly, having fun.

8 and Under Tennis

For this age group, tennis courts are sized down to 36' long by 18' wide. Net posts are 36" to make playing easier and more enjoyable for little ones and the nets are 33" high in the center.

10 and Under Tennis

For kids that are a little bigger and older, tennis courts are larger than the ones for kids 8 and under but are smaller than a regular-sized court. The court size is 60' long by 27' wide and uses standard height 42" net posts and net (36" high in the center.)

Tennis Balls and More

QuickStart 10 and Under Tennis balls are made so that the balls bounce lower and don't move as fast through the air as regular tennis balls, making them easier to hit. Racquets are sized for small hands as well. This will allow kids to have more fun and less frustration.

Cooler and Cooler Racks

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be emphasized enough - especially for children. Be sure to remind them to take plenty of breaks and to drink cool water often.