Ten Items Your Tennis Court Needs For Summer Camp

Summer 2021 is right around the corner and we all know what that means…summer camp! Most clubs remember to send a packing list of what to bring for campers, but do you have the supplies you need to make your summer tennis camp a success? Tennis Court Supply carries all of the tennis court products and equipment that you need in every season. If your facility is hosting a summer tennis camp or tennis lessons, check out this list to make sure you have all of the equipment to keep your campers safe and ensure a great experience.

1. Tennis Ball Machines

Chances are, your summer tennis camp will have more campers than coaches. Using a ball machine can help make sure that everyone gets enough time on the court, practicing their skills. Tennis ball machines also help players practice at varying speeds and spins. We carry the highest quality brands of ball machines including Lobster, Wilson, Ace Attack, and more. Tennis Court Supply also sells tennis ball machine covers so that your machines are protected from the weather and can be stored safely.

2. Tennis Ball Carts & Pick-Ups

During tennis camp or summer lessons, you can easily use hundreds of tennis balls in a day. Keep the court and walkways clear by using a tennis ball cart, tube, or mower. These tools are also extremely helpful for cleaning up and storing equipment at the end of the day. Tennis ball tubes are perfect for picking up an individual court, while tennis ball mowers are great for larger areas. We also carry tennis ball baskets and tennis ball carts to store all of the balls. These tools will definitely make a difference in how easy it is to clean up after a long day of camp.

3. Water Coolers & Stands

Keeping campers and staff hydrated is extremely important. In most places, summer temperatures alone are enough to warrant a few water coolers, but adding an active sport in the mix makes having enough water available even more necessary. Tennis Court Supply offers a variety of Igloo water cooler sizes as well as stands that hold cups. Whether your students just need to refill their own water bottle or you need the entire setup, we have the supplies you need to keep your campers and your staff hydrated.

4. Cabanas and Awnings

Having adequate shade is another important thing to think about in the summer. Most tennis courts are large open areas with tons of sun exposure. Adding one or more tennis court cabanas or awnings will keep both campers cool and prevent sunburns. Tennis Court Supply sells a variety of these items to fit your budget, size requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Check out our previous blog article to read more about why cabanas, awnings, and benches are an important summer addition to any tennis court.

5. Tennis Court Windscreens

Adding a windscreen to your tennis court is an easy and inexpensive way to block wind, create shade, and add privacy. We carry dozens of different tennis court windscreen options in a variety of heights, colors, materials, and more. Depending on the material and brand, windscreens can be purchased by the roll or by the linear foot. We also offer custom-sized windscreens upon request. The most common colors of tennis court windscreens are green, brown, and black. (If you have an indoor tennis court, check out our selection of tennis court backdrops to add privacy and reduce distractions on the court.)

6. Tennis Court Cleaning Supplies

Let’s face it, kids can be messy. And after a day full of tennis and other activities, your courts may need a little TLC. Our most popular tennis court cleaning products are water removers and court brooms. Whether your court just needs a quick dusting off or a full-blown deep clean, Tennis Court Supply carries everything you need to keep your courts in the best shape. 

7. Tennis Court Repair Supplies

Accidents happen. The good news is that TCS stocks a wide range of tennis court repair and replacement products to make your court as good as new. From crack filler to replacement nets and more, we can help. Low on clay? We carry several kinds of tennis court clay including the popular Har-Tru brand. Not sure what product you need? Just give us a call. Our staff members are extremely knowledgeable and will help understand your needs and choose the best product for your situation and budget. 

8. Tennis Teaching Aids

Along with products like ball machines, we also carry other tennis teaching aids like cones for drills and camera mounts so that campers can see what their play looks like. Each of these items will be helpful to your students and offer more variety in your lessons.

9. Tennis Score Keepers

Keeping score in a tennis game can be done on a variety of scoreboards. We carry several types of scorekeeping equipment including vertical and horizontal scorekeepers, flip card scorekeepers, score tubes, and more. We also stock all of the replacement parts you will need to keep your scoreboards in great condition for years.

10. Benches and Bleachers

Your campers are going to need places to sit during the day while they are waiting for their turn on the court. Providing benches or bleachers will help keep kids in one area and provide a place to relax. Tennis Court Supply carries 2- and 3-row bleachers ranging from 15-27 feet long. These bleachers will seat approximately 20-50 people. Our selection of benches includes a wide range of materials, colors, and styles to suit your needs.

Providing Quality Tennis Supplies For Over 30 Years 

The owner of Tennis Court Supply has been involved in the tennis court design, construction, and maintenance industry for over three decades. His background, along with the knowledge of the rest of our team, make tennis court supply the top choice for all of your tennis summer camp products. Even if you are not offering a summer camp, we still carry the products that you need to keep your courts in tip-top shape. Browse our site or give us a call to get the right products for your club.