Providing Tennis to the Next Generation
There are some wonderful ways to introduce kids to the sport of tennis. Introducing tennis to the next generation not only keeps the sport alive, but provides a healthy hobby and outdoor activity to a younger crowd that is constantly bombarded with technology. Tennis Court Supply has a variety of equipment and accessories to facilitate giving the sport to children at many ages. The experts at Tennis Court Supply even have an appropriate racket size suggestion for the different age ranges. 

QuickStart Tennis

QuickStart Tennis is a fantastic way to tennis to kids of many ages to build their interest in the sport. QuickStart Tennis follows the same philosophy as many other  youth sports approaches. The basic premise is to use child-sized courts and equally smaller sized equipment. This concept and logic aids in making this sport more feasible with the little ones. For 9 and 10 year olds the tennis court size is 60 feet long by 27 feet wide. You should also use standard height 42 inch net posts and tennis net. 8 and under QuickStart Tennis utilizes a 36 feet long by 18 feet wide court and 36 inch net posts and nets. This helps with making the ball easier to hit and more appropriate for their height range. 

Picking Out Tennis Racquets

Although do not sell tennis racquets on we are glad to provide another great pointer for introducing the sport to youngsters: proper racquet size. It’s crucial to choose the right racquet size since larger racquets could be harmful to smaller children because of their weight and balance. Here are the suggested racquet lengths for different age ranges:

3-5 years: 19”
6-8 years: 23”
9-10 years: 25”
11+: 26”

We hope this blog post about introducing tennis to the next generation was helpful. By using QuickStart to get them into the sport you will find the kids playing and enjoying themselves with your favorite sport. For any QuickStart Tennis court supplies and accessories, browse our site. We’ve got teaching aids, tennis nets, and even kids tennis balls engineered with a 50 percent slower speed than a standard tennis ball. If you have questions about QuickStart Tennis products contact us at Tennis Court Supply.