Preventing Tennis Injuries

Preventing Tennis Injuries


All physical activity carries a risk of injury, and tennis is no exception. Some players especially push their bodies hard when they play, focusing only on the next shot and defeating their competition. And when playing professionally, there's no other way to do it, as less competitive players will find themselves losing games until they learn to keep up.

Some tennis injury prevention is the responsibility of the player. It's up to the player to understand their body's limits and to condition themselves to be able to take the punishment sports deal out. But as the owner of a tennis facility, there are some things you can do yourself to help your players avoid injury.


Tennis Court Safety

You could consider hanging signs at your facility listing tips for injury avoidance, and providing supplies to help your players prepare properly. For example, one tip on your signs could be a reminder to players to stretch and warm up, and you could reserve a space (and even add some equipment) for stretching and warmup exercises.

To help prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion, ensure you place plenty of seating, water stations, and shaded areas around your tennis courts. Also include trash and recycling receptacles such as the Tidi Court System to prevent garbage from ending up on the court where it could cause a hazard.

Always ensure your courts are as safe as possible. Remove trash and debris promptly, and quickly collect loose balls from the court. Adequate tennis court lighting should be installed for nighttime games. Separate your courts with durable tennis court divider nets to stop unexpected balls from entering other courts, which can distract or even hit players, as they're coming from a surprise direction.

The health of your courts themselves will have a profound effect on player safety, so always keep your court surfacing properly leveled and maintained. Hard courts, if in poor condition, can crack and present a trip and fall hazard. Uneven courts allow water to collect and can cause players to slip. All kinds of problems can present themselves, so make sure you have everything you need to resurface and maintain your tennis courts.

Some courts are easier on the body than others, so if you're ready to install or completely replace a court, consider some more advanced options. Har-Tru clay surfacing is overall better than traditional clay, both for the game itself and for your players' joints. Cushion Court makes a much kinder hard court than most other brands. If you plan to create a court via a tennis court tile system, VersaCourt is an excellent choice for your players' enjoyment and safety.


Side Benefits of a Safe Tennis Facility

Since the key to maintaining a safe tennis facility is keeping it well-stocked, well-maintained, well-accessorized, and well-lit, the main side benefit of a safe court is that it's going to look excellent and highly professional. Players will appreciate that you've made these considerations just for them, so they can enjoy their game and practice without worrying about hazards. And of course, another side benefit is that if something does go wrong, you've performed your safety duties and most likely won't be liable. In other words, both you and your players will benefit from your safety measures, and the professionalism of your facility may attract even more players to you.


Need Help?

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