Preparing your Tennis Court for the Big Match

Player Ready Tennis Courts

When the big match is coming up, you want to be sure you're 100% prepared. Your court needs to be in top shape so the players can excel to the full extent of their abilities. Give yourself plenty of time to evaluate all the parts of your tennis court so you can identify areas that need maintenance or improvement.

Maintenance Tools & Supplies

It's a good idea to check your water removers and other tennis court maintenance tools early on, so you'll have everything you need to take care of the court during preparations.

While inspecting your tennis court's surface, you may find places in need of cleanup or repair. Supplies for this will naturally depend on the type of surface used. A modern hard court using TCS Coatings will have very different requirements than a clay court.

Nets & Posts

You may want to replace your tennis court's net if your current one is showing signs of age. Don't forget to examine the net posts too in case they need replacement or repair. You might only need a few replacement parts, but if the posts are in too poor of shape it's probably best to just replace them.


Now, turn your attention to the area surrounding the court. Do you have windscreens up and are they in good condition? Tennis court windscreens help players by reducing noise and distractions from beyond the court, and they look very professional too, so consider installing them if you haven't already. If you do have windscreens, look for holes or other damage that can harm their effectiveness. If they're in bad shape, they could even be more distraction to the players.


Do you have seating available? You may need benches, bleachers, and an umpire chair for your tennis court. It's important to provide shade, so look into awnings, and cabanas for the players to rest beneath.


Even if the game is scheduled during the early afternoon, don't forget that tennis matches are capable of running long into the evening. Definitely, invest in some quality tennis court lighting. If you already have lights installed, test each one and replace any burnt out or flickering light bulbs. Have some replacement bulbs on hand as well.

Score Keepers, Balls & Accessories

Once you've set up your seating and lighting, look into tennis court accessories like message boards and score keepers. Have water coolers available in well-shaded areas and use Tidi Court systems to give everyone a place to dispose of trash. An AD-IN-BIN tennis ball recycling receptacle will also help keep the court neat and tidy by giving players a place to dispose of old tennis balls.

Speaking of tennis balls, you'll want to have plenty of them available at all times, so stock up on both practice balls and professional balls. Since you're in the process of evaluating improvements to your tennis court for an important match, it's a good time to do so.

Final Inspection

Once you've covered all these areas, make a final inspection of your tennis court to seek out any other repairs, maintenance, or improvements that can be made. Getting your court ready for a big match can seem like quite a task, so if you've let anything slide, make note of it so it doesn't get skipped again during usual daily or weekly care. That way, you'll have less to do the next time around. If you always stay on top of things, you're already ahead of the game!