Non-Textured Hi-Hide Line Paint 1- gal
Non-Textured Hi-Hide Line Paint 1- gal

Non-Textured Hi-Hide Line Paint 1- gal

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Non-Textured Hi-Hide Line Paint 1- gal

A highly reflective 100% acrylic marking paint for use over any bituminous surface, or acrylic color coating system in recreational or light traffic areas. Hi-Hide Line Paint will not cause cracking, crazing, peeling, or deterioration to asphalt that is typical of solvent-type traffic paints.

For the striping of color-coated recreational surfaces or any asphalt or concrete surface in light traffic areas, such as Tennis Courts, Play Areas, Curbs and Berms, Running Tracks, & Parking Lots 3.0 

Color: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, & Black
Weight per gallon: 11.0 lbs.
Curing conditions: 70° F & 50% relative humidity
To top-coat: 4 hours
Estimated cure time: 24 hours
Minimum ambient, surface & product installation temperature: 60° and rising
Note: Low temperatures or high humidity will increase drying
time drastically. Maximum surface temperature = 140° F.


4.1 Substrate Cure Requirements
New hot-mix asphalt surfaces must be allowed 14 days minimum cure time prior to application of Hi-Hide Line Paint. For new Portland cement concrete surfaces, a minimum of 28 days cure time is required.

4.2 Surface Condition
The surface upon which Hi-Hide Line Paint is to be applied must be smooth, free of dirt, loose or flaking paint, oily materials or chemical residues, vegetation of any sort and any other debris or foreign matter that may prevent the proper product adhesion.

Hi-Hide Line Paint comes ready to apply. Only gentle stirring is necessary. DO NOT DILUTE.


6.1 System Recommendations
One or two (1-2) applications has proven to give excellent coverage.

6.2 Application
Apply Hi-Hide Line Paint to the clean, dry, color coated surface by brush or roller. Apply tape to both sides of the area to be striped. Apply a primer coat of Line Rite Line Edge Sealer. This will seal the tape to the acrylic surface and prevent the Hi-Hide Line Paint from bleeding under the tape.

6.3 Drying and Cure Time
Hi-Hide Line Paint must be allowed to dry for 4 hours between coating applications. Completed projects should be allowed 24 hours before releasing to play.

Approximately one gallon of Hi-Hide Line Paint is required per standard U.S.T.A. sanctioned tennis court per application.

All equipment can be cleaned with water if clean-up occurs immediately after application.


9.1 Surface Limitations
Hi-Hide Line Paint is limited to application on hot-mix asphalt and Portland cement concrete recreational surfaces. Not for application on general use roadways subjected to skidding tires, snowplows, or chains.

9.2 Weather Limitations
No part of the construction involving the PicklePave/Acrylotex 1000 Surfacing Systems should be conducted during rainfall, or when rainfall is imminent. The air temperature must be at least 60ºF and rising. Do not apply when surface temperature is above 140ºF.

9.3 Do Not Dilute

9.4 Indoor Application Curing
Drying times are retarded by high humidity, cool temperatures or lack of air movement. This is particularly important to note when installing indoors, where all three factors are often very pronounced.

9.5 Keep From Freezing
Hi-Hide Line Paint is a water-based acrylic and it must be kept from freezing during storage or in transit. If you receive product you suspect may have been exposed to freezing temperatures, consult your ICP Area Manager for proper handing instructions.

The Company warrants that the products to be delivered and sold there under are the kind and quality described in its specifications and no other warranty, except of title, is expressed or implied. All other warranties and/or liabilities, including consequential damages, are specifically excluded whether the directions for a product’s use are followed or not. Notification of any apparent defect or defects shall be made promptly in writing to the Company. Should any product (unless sold as is) prove, upon our inspection, to be defective in workmanship or materials in accordance with the specifications, the Company will replace the product or refund the purchase price. No person has the authority of the Company to make or accept any other warranty, liability, or conditions on the Company’s behalf. If the above stated conditions of this warranty are unacceptable, the purchaser may return, at his expense, all unopened packages, bags or containers for credit within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

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