How to Choose Your Tennis Court Nets
When considering replacement nets for your tennis court, do you explore every option? The type of net you choose for your tennis court can vary quite a bit depending on a wide variety of variables. For example, it can make a big difference depending on your court’s frequency of use since there are several variations of quality, durability, and weather resistance. In the colder climates, if you have the time to truly winterize your court, your tennis nets will have better longevity. 

Choosing your tennis court net based off of quality is a wise decision as not all tennis court nets were created equal. Reading through some online tennis court supplier’s product descriptions can be confusing – so here are some tips from the pros at Tennis Court Supply:

  • Consider the brands when shopping, HAR-TRU and Edwards are well worth the price point
  • Compare the thickness of the threaded netting material (2.8mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, or 4mm)
  • Ensure you can get replacement parts for the brand and model tennis net you choose
  • Look for specs on the inner headband and whether it comes with anti-fungal treatment
  • Carefully read through the tennis net manufacturer specs to verify it comes with a limited warranty
Don’t focus too much on the thickness, since there really is no industry standard for how they really check the diameter, but a 4mm will be more durable and better worth the investment if you have a court that gets a lot of play and harsh elements. At Tennis Court Supply our nets are manufactured by the top brand names such as Edwards, Courtmaster, Har-Tru, Douglas, Putterman, and Collins, all trusted brand names known for their superior quality tennis supplies. Contact us if you need some more help shopping for your court’s next replacement nets.