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Har-Tru Court Surfaces

Har-Tru is a unique court surface made from billion-year-old crushed metabasalt. The extremely hard, angular nature of the crushed stone pieces causes them to lock together into a durable, stable playing surface far superior to traditional clay. 

The color is naturally a deep green that is instantly recognizable as a classic clay court color. Har-Tru dries quickly and is absorbent enough for players to continue their game in a light rain. It also absorbs and radiates less heat on warm days, making it 10-15 degrees cooler than a hard court, and provides greater shock absorption making it easier on players' bodies.

Tennis Court Supply highly recommends Har-Tru for your clay court as it's far more durable and easier to maintain than regular clay. Please contact us with any questions and for freight shipping rates.

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Har-Tru Surfacing 40- 50lb Bags, 1 Ton
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Har-Tru Surfacing 25- 80lb Bags, 1 Ton
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Har-Tru Surfacing 2000lb Tote, 1 Ton
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Har-Tru Surfacing 2500lb Tote, 1.25 Ton
Your Price: $270.00
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Har-Tru Surfacing 35- 80lb Bags, 1.4 Ton
Your Price: $269.00
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Har-Tru Surfacing 56- 50lb Bags, 1.4 Ton
Your Price: $291.00
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Har-Tru Surfacing 2800lb Tote, 1.4 Ton
Your Price: $288.00
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Har-Tru Top Dressing 25- 80lb Bags, 1 Ton
Your Price: $185.00
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Har-Tru Top Dressing 35- 80lb Bags, 1.4 Ton
Your Price: $252.00
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