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Dura Big Hole Indoor Pickleball (12 Balls)

Dura Big Hole Indoor Pickleball (12 Balls)

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Dura Big Hole PickleballsDura (12 Balls)
Big Hole Indoor Pickleballs are identical to customer-favorite Dura Outdoor balls except the size of the holes are larger making the ball a little lighter than the outdoor version. These indoor balls are made with the same smooth, hard plastic as their outdoor counterparts. They are seamless, and were created with a one-piece construction mold. Once the balls are cooled, the holes are drilled out.
  • The Dura Big Hole Indoor ball has a 2.9375” diameter and weighs in at 0.92 ounces.
  • These balls have a good average bounce height of 31”.
  • This ball is great for players who enjoy playing with the hard-plastic outdoor balls but want a ball that is a little lighter.
  • Available in Yellow, White, Orange and Neon

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