Dolphin Water Remover
Dolphin Water Remover

Dolphin Water Remover

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Dolphin Water Remover 
The Dolphin Water Remover ‘Super Sopper’ takes care of total water removal by lifting water off the court using an ingenious collection system that holds up to 14 gallons at a time. The Dolphin absorbs water rather than moving it ahead, causing as little disturbance to the soft court surface as possible. Water is lifted from a court using a sponge-covered barrel and is strained into the center of the porous barrel where it can be held and later emptied off the court.  The 14 gallon holding tank within the drum stores water and then provides rapid disposal.  The Super Sopper is perfect for courts that tend to puddle in low areas and need total water removal to get courts in play fast. It can be used on both hard and soft courts.

Weight: 79 lbs
Dimensions:  31 × 24 × 24 in

  • Removes large quantities of water to save the next game or match
  • Use on baseball/softball infields and outfields, golf courses, tennis or basketball courts, football or soccer fields and other sports turfs
  • Measures 2' wide with a 24" diameter drum
  • Foam pad on outside absorbs water, which is squeezed by an adjustable roller into a 14 gallon suspended holding tank
  • Drain elbow release to empty
  • Includes transport wheels
  • Weighs 170 lbs when full
  • Replaceable Foam Pad 

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