Dimensions for Tennis, Pickleball, and Volleyball Courts

The first step in setting up a court for any sport is to understand its dimensions so you can mark off the correct square footage for the court itself and apply lines to the correct areas. This page contains diagrams that will answer your questions regarding the proper size of a tennis court, size of a 10 and under tennis court, size of an 8 and under tennis court, size of a Pickleball court, size of a paddle tennis court, and size of a volleyball court. These are vital for court construction and for planning your facility.

Once you have marked off the correct court size, you'll need proper court surfacing materials for your environment. You can find all you need here at Tennis Court Supply. You will also need line paint or tape, depending on the surface used, and of course an appropriate net and net posts.

Do not forget to leave space around the court for cabanas with water coolers, and other amenities including seating for spectators and faculty.

Tennis Court Dimensions

10 and Under Tennis Court Dimensions

8 and Under Tennis Court Dimensions

Pickleball Court Dimensions

Paddle Tennis

Volleyball Net & Court Set-up