You’ve watched the professionals battle it out at Wimbledon – and you wonder, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a similar tennis court in your neighborhood? Maybe not as posh as a grass court, but at least a well-constructed court that offers a top-notch playing experience. 

 Think about it: you’ll probably be able to play every day. Or everyone in the community will get to appreciate tennis as much as you do.  

 Sounds like a dream come true for any tennis player, right? But by now, you’re probably asking  what does it take to own and maintain one? For how long can your investment last if you take a plunge at building a tennis court for your community? 

Constructing a durable, low-maintenance tennis court is no small feat, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Today, we'll walk you through the tools, equipment, and supplies that every tennis court must have to withstand frequent use and the test of time. 

 Let’s get started!

9 Must-Have Equipment & Supplies 

for Any Tennis Court

1. Net and Net Posts

You can't have a tennis court without sturdy net posts holding up a net. So, don't settle for a setup that sags or leans in just a few months. Invest in quality posts with internal weight systems or ground sleeves for stability.  

As for the net itself, choose those that allow for easy tensioning and height adjustment. While less expensive nets get the job done for recreational play, tennis enthusiasts will appreciate the pro-grade net system. Nonetheless, at Tennis Court Supply, we have several options for every level of play and budget. 

2. Windscreens

If you’ve been playing tennis for a while, you probably already know that tennis and wind don’t mix well, which is why we can’t recommend using windscreens enough! Not only do these mesh barriers block gusts, but they also prevent balls from straying too far. Besides, they minimize glare that can affect players' visibility and concentration.  

Available in a range of colors and materials, windscreens from Tennis Court Supply are easy to install and offer a cost-effective solution to several common tennis court challenges.

3. Backboards

Every great player knows that going against a backboard is one of the fastest ways to elevate his or her game. These tools let you hone your precision when making a shot—without a partner.  

Permanent backboards are ideal but pricey. On the other hand, portable rebounders offer flexibility to set up anywhere on or off the court. 

Backboards are not necessary in most courts, but we included them here because we figured they’re must-haves for independent practice, coaching drills, and developing all-court skills – all of which are important in community tennis. 

4. Water Removers

When prepping for a match, dealing with puddles is the last thing you want. That's why dedicated water removal tools are must-haves for any serious tennis court. 

Let’s face it: water will always find its way onto your court. The key is to have effective solutions on hand to quickly dry the court so that play can resume as soon as possible.  

Our selection of water removers at Tennis Court Supply includes everything from basic rollers to advanced water removal systems that can clear a court in minutes. We highly suggest you check them all out here.

5. Tennis Court Surfacing Kits

Quality surfacing solutions exist to provide an exceptional playing experience for community courts. They’re primarily designed to help maintain safe courts as well as allow for easy maintenance.  

However, not all of these surfacing solutions are created equal. Some are designed to accommodate the right amount of traction and ball bounce. While others are made to give a softer feel.  

If you’re unsure what type of tennis court surfacing you need, contact us at Tennis Court Supply. We’ll happily answer your questions about tennis court surfacing and other tennis-related inquiries. 

6. Line Tapes & Nails

We’ve heard some people say, “It’s not a tennis court if it doesn’t have the right marks.” And they’re not wrong. The precision of your court's lines affects not only the accuracy of play but also the integrity of the game itself.  

That’s why at Tennis Court Supply, we offer top-quality line tapes and nails that ensure your court's lines are straight, visible, and durable. Whether you’re laying down a court for the first time or giving an old court a facelift, our line tapes and nails are designed to withstand the test of time and weather.

7. Trash & Recycling 

Tennis is an eco-friendly sport, so it makes total sense that sustainable habits should extend to court amenities as well. But don’t worry; it’s as easy as providing strategically located trash and recycling bins around your court. 

It doesn’t have to be an eyesore either because most bins nowadays are designed with aesthetics in mind. They blend seamlessly into the environment of your tennis court. We suggest using durable and weather-resistant bins to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. And just in case you haven’t found the perfect bins yet, we have our most recommended ones here.

8. Scoreboards

Half of the fun of tennis is competitive play, which requires keeping score. That’s why scoreboards are an essential feature for any court. But it doesn’t matter if you use a simple manual scoreboard or an advanced LED one. As long as spectators can easily read the scores from a distance and players can quickly glance to keep track of the match, you’ve got the right setup.  

 Our range at Tennis Court Supply includes everything from traditional flip scorers that add a retro feel to your court to state-of-the-art electronic scoreboards that can provide instant updates and are visible even in bright sunlight. 

 You’ll find the complete list here.

9. Seating

No tennis court is complete without ample seating for players and spectators. After all, tennis matches can go on for hours, and everyone needs a place to rest, rehydrate, and cheer on their friends or favorite players. 

Individual courtside benches are a practical choice for smaller courts or those on a tight budget. These simple yet sturdy benches can be placed along the court's perimeter, allowing players to take a break between games or sets. 

If you're looking to accommodate larger crowds, consider our bleacher systems. Available in various sizes and configurations, these sturdy structures offer ample seating while maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic. Many of our bleachers also come with optional shade canopies, providing relief from the sun on those hot summer days.

Building a Top-Notch Tennis Court

Building a top-notch tennis court for your community is no small undertaking, but with the right equipment and supplies, you can create a space that will provide years of enjoyment and healthy competition. 

So why wait? Start planning your community's ultimate tennis destination today. Your neighbors will thank you for the opportunity to play, socialize, and stay active in a beautiful, well-appointed space.  

Contact Tennis Court Supply to get started on your dream court project.